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  1. Vendor Deals
    Hello Everyone! Rottweiler POV proudly offers custom shirts for any Rottweiler lover. Check out our inventory. New shirts coming weekly. Starting at $24.99 with profits going as charitable donations to local animal shelters and Rottweiler rescue. Find us at or on Etsy...
  2. Videos of Your Rottweiler
    Hey Everyone! We post daily videos of our Rottweilers doing Rottweiler things. I add some funny commentary and watch them grow and change! Find us here Hope you enjoy like we do :) Your Friends at Rottweiler POV
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    Hello Everyone, It is not my intent to sell you anything, I am just looking for suggestions. I am curious as to what topics people look for when writing a blog? What topics would YOU like to read and why? Anyways, I love this forum for our pups. Have learned a lot and am able to share my...
  4. Breeders & Pedigrees
    Hey Everyone, I wanted to share the breeder for our Rottweilers. Von Warterr is who we went through. Very professional, knowledgable and helpful. Feel free to check him out. If you need more help, links, etc. Please reach out to me and I can share more about our...
  5. Pictures of Your Rottweilers
    Rottweiler POV has all your favorite Memes. We just love our dogs and so...why not make memes and videos of them all.
  6. Videos of Your Rottweiler
    Two Female Sister Rottweilers love running and fighting with one another. Getting exercise is more fun with each other. Like, Comment, Share, and Subscribe for more! -------- Rottweiler POV on Social Media: Facebook: Pinterest...
  7. Pictures of Your Rottweilers
    Here is a picture of our Handsome Clyde. He is 1 year old. His twin sister is Bonnie. See them, memes, and more on our website. Would love to share memes and have you share memes too!;)
  8. Videos of Your Rottweiler
    See Bonnie, Clyde, and Cruella, Our 3 German Rottweilers on our Youtube Channel. Subscribe so you never miss a video posted daily! :o:);)
  9. Pictures of Your Rottweilers
    Love to see some of those Rottweiler Memes Find more at
  10. Videos of Your Rottweiler
    Two cute Rottweiler Dogs love playing together. Bonnie and Cruella are still quarantined from Clyde, so they have to entertain each other. Chasing, playing, wrestling; they do it all. Like, Comment, Share, and Subscribe for more! -------- Rottweiler POV on Social...
  11. New Member Introductions
    Hey All, I am with Rottweiler POV and we specialize in all things Rottweiler. We have three beautiful Rottweilers named Bonnie, Clyde, and Cruella. They just turned one year old and we love them and their attitudes to death. We own a YouTube channel, social media, and we create memes weekly to...
  12. Rottweiler Discussion
    Hi Folks, Mabel is here. I am Pet lover having three Dogs and one cat namely sam, oscar, tigher and baby. I would like to share my pet caring experience with you and also like hear from all of you. Nice to meet you!
  13. Working & Showing
    does any one no where i can get dock diving training near turlock ca. california central valley please help
  14. New Member Introductions
    hello im jarrod here with my best friend Ronan Miner der fuhrer behalter. glad to be here hope to get alot of help from the forum and also give some i have had rotties since 1993 and they are the smartest and most majestic dog in the world could not ever be with out my boys...
  15. Rottweilers In Need
    Hey folks, just picked up Regen from my handler and got some more information on Oscar. He is 9 months old not 8 months old. Also his sire is out of Iron Chancellor Rottweilers - Am/Can. CH Marlo’s Bello Soldato, TT, you can see a picture of him on their website: Iron Chancellor...
1-15 of 18 Results