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  1. Nutrition & Grooming
    13 weeks 20 pounds 17 weeks 32 pounds Reputable breeder both parents over 100 pounds. He was runt of litter. Poop has been loose occasionally but also in the process of switching food. Dewormed. Vet says he is fine. Could he just be a slow grower or does he need a stool sample? I don’t care...
  2. Rottweiler Discussion
    My male puppy will be 12 weeks in two days. He went to the vet this morning and is just shy of 10 pounds. They kept talking about how tiny he was, but no one seemed concerned. All the talking of how small he was got me googling that he should be much bigger! Any insights?
  3. Rottweiler Discussion
    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the site & grateful this community exist! I recently graduated college and as gift to myself, I bought a puppy to join me on this new life journey. I pick my boy up this Friday so I'm excited. However, the breeder told me my pup weighs 16 lbs at 7 weeks (I did some...
  4. Rottweiler Discussion
    Hi all, This is my first ever post here, so apologies if I'm not posting this in the right area. I have a 8 month old Rottweiler boy who is our baby and gets a lot of love and attention. He didn't have the best start with food as we've had numerous tummy issues and soft poo problem and it's...
  5. Rottweiler Discussion
    I have a female rotti she is 8 Months and weighs in at 62lbs. I am new to this breed, my wife has had rottis all her life but never a female only males. So here are a few of my question: My rotti goes days without eating sometimes, is this ok? (She is healthy as per vet) She has huge paws...
  6. Pictures of Your Rottweilers
    Hey everyone, wow it's been a while since I've posted. But the Marine Corps keeps me rather busy. I love Rocky to death, but I'm upset that he still hasn't taken the shape of thorough bred Rottie. What do you think? Breeder said his father didn't "blow up" until age 4-5. I moved him and my wife...
  7. Rottweiler Discussion
    Rocky is 7 months old, and if my scale is right he's about 74 pounds..what do you think his mature weight will be? just wondering your opinions..thanks everyone! here's a pic of him (7 months exactly) and my beautiful wife
  8. Nutrition & Grooming
    i am considering switching from kibble to raw diet..but i know nothing about raw if anyone could just give me some tips on, what to feed, where to buy, how to feed, how much to feed, when to feed, just i quick summary of the whole nine yards would be much appreciated. also, what are the...
1-8 of 9 Results