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Agis’s weight

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A few things -

Agis is a mutt. By 10 months he hit 50lbs and sometime after turning three he hit 53lbs. I weighed him today at home and he was 55.6lbs! He’s 3.5 years! Bit late to be filling out.

I don’t think he’s fat, but I’m concerned we need to watch his weight. He’s active, happy, healthy, we just got back from 5 days camping in Algonquin which he loved…I don’t know.

Some pics from today (does he look like he’s getting chunky? He’s too old to fill out, right?)
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and the trip (that’s just because).


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I think he looks good!! He has a nice tuck, and looks like he's in good condition. He probably has filled out, and it looks like muscle. I would not be worried about his weight.
How was the camping? Have the blackflies started yet?? We are starting to see them around here....not biting but starting to buzz around the eyes and head. :rolleyes:
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I also think he looks great !!
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Thanks @big black dogs and @#5moose - much appreciated it. I think we'll keep an eye on him and try to get him back to longer hikes - we had a busy time in the lead up to Neb's 15th birthday and then camping which Neb came on - so he can keep up the muscle too.

The camping was a lot of fun. Saw a few mosquitoes/got a few bites, didn't really notice blackflies oddly. It was going down to -2 in the mornings so why I had to put up with bugs is beyond me but what do I know.

It was me, my MIL, Agis and Neb. Toby and Xerxes the Attack Beagle stayed home (Toby had to work, Xerxes thinks 10C and sunny is cold, I knew he'd be miserable). She had an infection (UTI) so I had to manage that, drive her into town to speak to a pharmacist - it was actually both a very fun and stressful trip, she's 80 now and mentally is starting to change, so it was like camping with a less-helpful 9 year old who drinks.
He does look good, nice and strong, not chunky. I really like the pic of him on the sleeping bag (or whatever it is). Very handsome.
He does look good, nice and strong, not chunky. I really like the pic of him on the sleeping bag (or whatever it is). Very handsome.
Aww thanks. Yeah that's a sleeping bag, I brought it for them in the tent (was -2 one morning, and Neb is 15 and has trouble staying warm) but let them sleep on it outside too.
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