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But this one I'm pleased to share because everyone wins!!!

NEW LONDON, Ohio -- A young dog comes to the rescue of his best friend, who just happens to be an active 2-year-old boy.

NewsChannel5's Jonathan Costen reported that Vincent may owe his life to a rottweiler-German shepherd mix named Colby.

The little boy wandered out of his house earlier this week in New London in Huron County. Colby tagged along and in an instant the curious 2-year-old was in a nearby pond.

"I knew the way she was acting the baby had to be down there somewhere. The way she was running around and pacing and then she ran right to him. She went all the way in the water. She ran directly to him, tried to pull him out of the water," said grandmother Pat Sheppard.

Colby did her part and then Vincent's 6-year-old sister called for help.

Caller: "Who is this?"

Dispatcher: "This is the 911 operator honey what's the problem?"

Caller: "My brother, he is in the back and he almost drowned."

"He was just laying face up in the pond, bubbles coming out of his mouth his hands were struggling he was struggling to get out himself. He was half conscious and half not -- in and out of it," Sheppard said.

She performed CPR on Vincent and revived him.

Costen said you never find Colby and Vincent apart.

"She's real protective over him, she sleeps right underneath his crib every night. When the kids are out in the yard she's right with him," she said.

Sheppard says the Humane Society has called about possibly giving Colby an award for his heroic act.
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