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Hello Yorkie Community,

Just thought I would share The Dog Breeder's Handbook -- the comprehensive and up-to-date (2015!!) dog breeding guide.

From finding the right mating partner, all the way to the clauses to include on puppy sales contracts, it does really cover all aspects of what modern dog breeding dogs is really about in this new era.

Table of Contents

1 - Before You Get Started
The Importance of Passion

Why Breeders Fail
Why Do You Want To Breed?

Full Time or Part Time?

2 - Start Your Dog Breeding Business
Choose Your Breed
Design Your Farm
Find Your Veterinary
Set Up Your Company
Business Plan (with Excel files)
Bookkeeping & Accounting

3 - Breeding Stock Management
Establishing Your Own Bloodline

Styles of Breeding
Breeding Plan
Hereditary Conditions
Breeding Stock
Gestation & Whelping

The Whelping Kit
Rearing the Puppies
Feed Your Dogs

Homemade Food Template Recipe

4 - Become a Reputable Breeder
The Website
Social Medias (with Toolbox)
Search Engine Optimisation
Pictures & Videos
Registering Dogs
Dog Shows & Competitions

Pet Insurance Plans

5 - Sell Your Dogs
Classified Ads

Message Board
Facebook Groups
The Puppy Pack
After Sale Follow-up
Hope you guys like it if you read it, the website in general is pretty awesome too.

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