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Bad Day

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I went to a shelter today to look at a rottie. She was abandoned by her previous owners.she looked a little skinny was full of energy knows comands sit lay down and who knows what else. Its so hard to think that somebody spent time to train this beautiful dog and then just left her behind to fend for her self. Just makes me madd.
Most of the way home I shed tears.
I allready have three rotties.The misses said Ill have to sleep in the barn if i was to bring her home. I hope some one adopts her. Please have your pets spayed or nutered If you ask why just take a trip to your local shelter.. Tom
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I know how you feel, all these dogs people just throw away, how can you do that and not feel guilty as hell. I am currently looking at Pitties because of the ban here in Ontario, and its heart breaking to see all these pics of dogs that will most likely be destroyed in a matter of weeks, I am in the process of possibly getting a 4 1/2 week old, he is being taken care of until they are ready to get them homes, I have filed out a form and hopefully they accept us.

Its so so sad to see homeless pets who you know just want to be loved. Its too much for me sometimes.
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It is a very sad day indead when someone would just give up a dog or a breeder who would not take it back.Breeder need to be held resposible for what they produce.

Buy a puppy from and you can not keep it you better be sure it come back to me.I know where every puppy I produced is and I have taken them back.

I hope someone comes and gets her soon.Is this is a no kill shelter?

Its good to hear from good breeders, who care about their pets,and who won't just sell them and end contact there. I just don't understand how someone could just give up their pet, I know sometimes circumstances are out of your control, but a rotti or a pitty in a shelter will most likely just stay there cause of the way people think about these poor dogs.

I really hope someone gives that rotti a home, no dog deserves to be locked up in a cage when they are such affectionate dogs. Hope she finds a good home and soon.
No the shelter is not a no kill shelter
its run by the county. Last night once I got settled down I emailed the shelter and told them that if she was to be put down to call me and I would come and pick her up. The misses will be mad but she will get over it or at least i hope so. Tom
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You sound like me, I am glad you are taking action to save this girl, she sure is lucky you care so much. I am sure the wife will aventually fall in love with her.

Good Luck!
she forgave you the other ones didn't she hehehe. I'm sure if you bring her home and she see's her she will just take one look in those eyes and then who can be mad after that huh?
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Take it from a owner of 4 after you have 2 of them it doesn't matter anymore........
your wife will love her when she sees her ! How can you not love a Rottie..... how old did they say she was?
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She is between 1 to 2 years old . I told the wife what I did this morning on our way to work. She said that she knew that I would do that. She knows me way to well.& nbsp;& nbsp; Tom
thats great! Now there is no worrying on your part about your wife, thats very nice of her, she must love them too. Thankfully this dog was lucky enough to find someone who knows the breed, so it won't end up back at the shelter. It would be nice if more people where as opened minded as you.

I am trying to save a pitty puppy, but I can't save them all, there are 5 Litters that are needing permanent homes. Its just heartbreaking to me knowing that these dogs are going to get killed cause of the ban here. I think there are atleast 47 puppies, not to mention all the adults. I can't even think about it, its so upsetting.
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Where do you live ?Maybe I can try to find a rescue group that will help.

I am in Ontario canada, right now i am talking with an association called advocates for the under dog, they have so many dogs up for adoption. I have filled out an adoption form and they just got the pups from windsor, where the ban has been in effect for awhile, and the pups are running around and eating puppy food, they are 4 1/2 weeks, they go to the vet on fri for a check and I am hoping to hear from them. They sure seem to care and thats nice to know that someone is trying to help these poor misunderstood dogs. I hope to know if I can save one soon, but I am sure they are getting lots of applications. I sure I hope I can get one a good home, where I know it will be loved and cared for.

Keeping my fingers crossed.
This just came up on another list about ontario.


And feel free to crosspost with my permission.
Valerie Brideau
The province of Ontario, Canada is in the final stage of implementing
breed specific legislation.
This coming law is DELIBERATELY VAGUE, and will "ban" pit bull terriers,
Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, American
Pit Bull Terriers and ANY dog resembling those breeds - which could
include Labrador retrievers, GREAT DANES, Boxers, Rottweilers, Boston

To avoid the possibility of a tourist's dog being seized and either
euthanized or sent to a research laboratory, the Dog Legislation Council
of Canada strongly recommends that all tourists travelling with dogs
NOT visit Ontario.

When this law is enacted, tourists will not be advised of this "ban" and
its requirements. Further, a municipality may pass by-laws no less
onerous than this coming law, which means that travelling through
Ontario will require a tourist to research the by-laws in every
municipality on the route. Seizure of a tourist's dog is probable, not
just possible.

Please warn your viewers that for the safety of their dogs - Do NOT
travel in Ontario.
Yours truly,
LeeAnn O'Reilly, RN, PBMH
Dog Legislation Council of Canada
E-mail: [email protected]
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There is info about lots of BSL warnings and what not at some sites I have went to. They aremy fave. sites, well next to this one that is.

I think those are the right addresses. They are pretty informative, plus I believe the pics of the pups I am looking at are there too.
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I live in new york the dog can be seen on pet her name is selma. selma is at the Stevens swan humane socity in Utica New york I drove almost two hours too see her. Still can not get her out of my head.They moved her away from the beaten path of daily visitors So She is out of sight. Iwas able to take a toy she was playing with away from her boy dose she like to play tugowar.&nbs p;&nbs p; Tom
wow, you sound really deticated to her already,and thats a good thing for Selma. Sounds like you will have a new addition any day now.
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WOW Donna, I'm glad I don't live in Canada ! The scary thing is it might be the U.S. next !..... Hey Tom how soon do you thing you'll have this new baby? and why tell me did they move her? because of you being a potential owner? I knew your wife would give in
we all do ! Thats why I now have 4...... geeeesh I need a bigger house.......
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Doggies are sure adictive, specially when you see them in need. I will probably soon have 3, and I said after 2 we would stop. what a joke. Yes a bigger house would work. lol
Dont really know why they moved her in back . Im going to contact the shelter tonight to see how things are coming along. The ban on dog has already hit the us certian citys have already banned certian breeds of dogs.shure am glad that i dont live in one of those cities.If it dose come to my town ill have to move becuse they will have to pry my dogs from my cold dead hands! Tom
I'm with you Tom , they would have to pry me to ! I know that there are several cities here in the U.S. that have banned certian dogs , I think they should ban certian people from owning them instead !!I think there should be a test
One of the reasons I'm on my town council is to insure that No ordiance is passed against certian types of dogs . I'm very much a activest in my area about Rotties and dogs in general. I preach to everyone about spaying and neutering thierdog or cat. One of the things I'm in charge of here is to make sure that all animals are taken care of properly, if their outside they must have a dog house and shade in the summer. People here call me the doggie gaurdian, I've issued many of fines to people who don't take care of their animals !!! and found homes for many that need it . Here comesda Rottie police
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