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Bloody Stool & Vomiting

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I took Dallas to the vet today. She has had bloody stool and vomiting for2 days now. He did x-rays and some test. She has had a false pregancy and labor pains. His consern then went to the bloody stools. I was told she had a lot of gas in her bowls.
I could have told him that. He put her on 2 meds and if not some better in a few days we go to Univ. of Auburn for more tests. It's not parvo. He did check for that. Plus she is up-to-date on all her shots. will keep everyone up-to -date.

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Glad to hear your Baby
is FINE ...... Nice to
see you posting again

Too ..... Hope
it all works out for you And
her ......
Are Donna or Missy going
to Rott Stock ? I wish they
had something like that arond here
sounds like a great time .....

Gulf stream rescue does a
rott-toberfest ..... i will go there
this year ....

But rott stock sounds too
cool ... I saw an ad for
a bigg one out your way ......

Maybe someday we will get one down here ....
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1 - 2 of 16 Posts
Not open for further replies.