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Hey Everyone,
This my first post, I m looking for some help and advice about my lovely girl Moth, who is having knee issues.

We noticed Mothy ( 2 y/o intact bitch) limping a couple of weeks ago, and took her straight to the vet, suspecting CCL rupture, which our vet agreed with.

She wanted us to try a week of meloxicam and rest, it helped with her limping and she didn’t seem uncomfortable, but was still intermittently lame, so I tried to schedule X-rays, but they couldn’t get her in for two weeks, so I took her to another vet hospital in the next town who have a great orthopaedic clinic.

Had X-rayed today, and the vet did an MUA and got positive drawer signs on both sides😭😭😭
Its weird because the side she was more lame on, only elicited a little forward movement of the tibia, but the right, on which we have seen no lameness, was Unambivalently positive.

Im freaking out here and really need some advice and some ( please God) success stories of people who rotts have had both knees done. The vet is thinking they will be repaired in a staged procedure, first one, in 10 days time, and then the other 6 weeks after that. He wants to use the MMP procedure instead of TPLO or TTA because there is less downtime, smaller incision, and less hardware in the leg.

My poor poor baby. She such a sweet natured little girl, even the vet has fallen in love with her. She is only two, and I thought I was doing everything right - holding off on de- sexing, keeping her lean etc.. but still, still😭

I’m worried sick about how we will managed the long rehab period, we also have a rescued Staffy X tripod with emotional issues ( terribly abused in his last life) who is hugely bonded with her, but he is crazy boisterous and I’m really worried how is going to cope being excluded from seeing his beloved sister - he is upset and acting out already because she can’t walk or play with him.

Then there is the insurance, I have a good insurance but I think the two ops -7K GBP- will max out our allowance and leave nothing for the physio and hydrotherapy she will need!

Please chime in with your stories and advice, I’m so worried about my little girl.

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Oh I'm so sorry that you and your girl have to go through this. First I would notify your breeder, often bad knees are genetic. The breeder should look at their breeding program and make some changes.

My girl at 18 months of age tore her CCL...and we had the TTA surgery done. Her knee joint tore because our rescue male that weighed 40 lbs more...t-boned her while running at full speed. She got through the surgery fine and that was in the middle of a winter from hell. Tons of snow and ice...and I worried every time I had to take her out on a leash...that something was going to rupture. Her other knee was fine till she died at 11...and the repaired knee never gave her any problems. The hard part is keeping them quiet for 6 weeks, after the surgery....and a young dog even harder.

Don't worry about the rehab. You can do that at home on your own. We live out in the country, and there was no rehab places around. We did fine doing range of motion exercises, and start with slow 5 minute leash walks that built up to longer walks. You will need to keep her crated and confined. We used an x-pen and found that more comfortable. Put her dog bed inside of it with a water bucket hanging on the side...and even moved it to room to room to keep and eye on her when we moved into different rooms.

You never know...?? The one knee may be all that you have to do. Often because of crate rest while the operated knee is healing and there is little movement the injured knee stabilizes. The knee joint starts forming scar tissue and stabilizes the weak knee.

Please let us know how things go.

Hi there,
Thanks so much for replies, I’ve picked Mothy up from vet and bought her home now,she seems fine atm, just sleepy from the GA.
The surgeon will call me tomorrow to discuss the ins and outs of Mothy’s particular case, we still have to work out whether she should have a TTA or MMP. I really want an MMP as it’s less down time, a smaller incision, etc
But we have to see about the biomechanics of Mothy’s particular anatomy, and what would be best for her.

We are now doing the first surgery on Friday, and I feel so anxious!
Please send prayers and good wishes for my girl!
Will keep y’all updated.
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