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Ariel is turning 17 months old soon and she really doens't have any aggression. She is well socialized and plays very nice with all kinds of dogs.

However, lately she's been pinning and holding down dogs that are very very submissive. She is very very vocal making horrible noises but is not trying to hurt them (if she wanted them hurt - itwould have beenveryeasy). The dogs are whining and crying like she is hurting them. The dogs that shehas done this too arevery submissive and cryat the drop of the hat. She is obviously enjoying bullying these dogs and if I would let her, would give repeat performances.

I don't believe ina punishment based training system and thinkI should concentrate on an ENOUGH/Recall.

My question (after all that )- Is this a normal part of growing up or should I worry about it?
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Rottweilers are a dominant breed,some one has to be on top and since she can't be on top at home,maybe she is taking it out on the little guys she sees.I would not let it continue as she might think she can take out a bigger dog down the road.

Hi Ariel , wow she's bossie , you have your hands full with her !she's a big girl and so pretty.... I bet it's a siteto see her do that , where are the other dog owners when this happens ? My kitty shows her teeth at my 6 month old pups ( then she licks them )but I think it's her just showing them whos the boss ....... and believe me she thinks sheis !!! ( she was a only child till 2 yrs ago ) now we have 4 .....
She does itto my Zeus to but he just looks at her like are you nuts
he's 40lbsheavier and alot bigger! good luck with your bully ....
I think that is to funny !
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Thanks guys.. She has been responding well to ENOUGH command which is a all purpose "fun's over" command.

My old girl who is a rotti mix is the park officer. She's pretty good at policing the park.
I use the word cut as it is one word and easy to yell.

All the dogs were out side playing while I was trying to talk to a friend.They were getting loud so I yelled CUT and they all just stood there.It was funny.

The shorter the comand the better.

Just wanted to give you an update on my little bully. Since my last post, we've been taking a zero tolerance on all signs on over-exhuberance and aggression.

I have continued to go to the dog park but have changed my routine. Ariel is kept on a leash when we first arrive and we go for 1/2 hour walk thru the woods were there is less traffic. This also gives me an opportunity to pick up poop from both my girls so when we go back to the main area, they have my full attention.

When we walk up to a group of dogs I put Ariel on the leash again. This allows me to feel confident as I know she is with me and won't jump on anyone. I then let her off to play. If she starts getting "carried away" I give her a minute or two to settle. The first day required about 20 corrections the second 3 - the last few trips none. I also put her back on the leash whenever distractions might occur like when I'm taking to another owner. She was using these lapses in attention to launch her attacks.

She's went to a doggy daycare yesterday which removed me from the play situation. Everyone has all their fur so things went well. Today I monitored a behavioral modification course. I liked what I saw and will be signing up for the socialization with puppies which Ariel might be lacking.

The one dog Ariel hates is going to be a little tougher. We've been working on it with me keeping Ariel in a down position. She receives praise for zero reaction. She does not lunge or pull anymore and her facial expression is relaxing slightly.
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