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I have a new pup on the way.This is my very 1st Rott.I have hada fewdogs in the past.two healers and two labs.Anyways I was thinking of Max or FreakZilla.I know it's extreme LOL but I'm leaning towards Zilla.I cant make my mind up.
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Max would probably be better, for several reasons, for instance I'm sure you have heard all the negative press about our beloved rotts, well giving your puppy a name like freakzilla may only hurt him in the long run. People are not always receptive to our breed and with a name that has anything to do with zilla in it might just make themact even more freakish around your puppy when he gets older.Ya know. But then again that is just my opinion.LOL see that's how it goes
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ya,your right.I do know that.hmmmmmm Max huh.looks like I might have to wait to use the name Zilla.maybe when I get my Begal? nah.... LOL
yeah there you go a beagle named zilla that should really put the fear of beast in them hahaha.....LOL
missy30 said:
that should really put the fear of beast in them

ya know my motto.If your going to be dumb,ya got to be tough.that kinda came out wrong.LOL
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ok, butwhat came out wrong
Your motto?Edited by: missy30
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the going to be dumb and being tough part.
oh ok,I see what you meant. Well just don't be either then you don't have to worry, right?
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Hey by the way check your pm inbox
I did.I'm a little slow at times.I actually belong to a body building forum.Finding my way around here should not be a big deal,or will it LOL.
Nah it shouldn't be. Don't worry about being slow you just joined today and you are already a junior member so you can't be that slow huh, and i sent you another message that's why I told you to check.
LOL @ Junior member.I have over 3000 posts on my board and I'm still a noob ha ha
well here they work a little different I guess but that's ok cause we are different.
your right and we all love rotts so we are different,but it's all in a good way.
Yeah that's right. You should see my male right now I can't get him to budge an inch. He's very tired. he got out of the fence the other nite and we didn't know where he was,(Had me scared thought I'd never see him again) and we calledanimal control but they didn't have him well we looked everywhere and finally at one this morning someone called because he was at their door scratching to get in. He was at the wrong house. Man I'll tell you I was never more glad to get woke up by a phone call than I was this morning. SoI had to go bail him out now the jailbird won't go near the door, LOL I guess he figures he might get lost I don't know, but he was howling at me all the way home like it was my fault he was locked up. Let me just say that the dog will not go out without someone there with him now and I won't give him the chance to run off again, silly boy.
good read.Glad you got him back.sounds likehe learned his lesson.
Lets hope, he is pretty smart though he should have
this pup was all my sons idea.he wanted a dog,I said Rott.he said awesome ha ha.
Well at least he had the good sense to agree with you on that one cause I agree they are awesome, smart kid you got there. My son and daughter both love our rotts and they wouldn't want any other kind of dog. You could ask them what is the best kind of dog to have and they will both say ROTTWEILER it's about the only thing they ever agree on.....KIDS huh?'s been 6 years sence the last dog.We bought a new house and it has a huge back yard.8 foot tall fence.My boys says "I can have a dog now right dad" ok fine you bet LOL.
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