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Christmas Tree

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Anyone else have their tree up? I've been struggling with isolation since I work from home (thank goodness for Toby!) and so we put up the tree now. We got a Fraser Fir from a local place, 5' - the first time we've had a tree on the floor, previously we got smaller trees and put on our wine fridge.

I've heard varying things about whether dogs will be on a tree on the floor - so far, so good - they don't seem super interested, and I tell Agis leave it when he goes near to it.

I got a bunch of Star Wars and Star Trek ornaments last year, so our tree is super geeky. There's even X-Wings (with 'Toby C' on it) and Tie Fighters.
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We have our tree up already....early for us. Like you, thought it would lift our spirits a bit. Ontario is being hit hard with Covid numbers climbing. With Toronto and Peel in lockdown....people have decided to come up north to our rural areas and small towns. This is not good for small towns....3 employees at our Collingwood Loblaws have tested positive. We had maybe a handful of cases in the last 3-4 on the upswing again. ):

We cut our own tree, on our own property. It's not a beauty...but it smells good...and once decorated...looks decent. We've always had a fresh pine or spruce...and never had any problems with the dog/dogs bothering it. When we had cats...that's another Pulling tinsel out of their butts...not a pleasant experience.
Yes, the dogs have been fine with it - a relief!

We normally go to a place east of Orangeville (near Hockley) to cut a tree on a Bruce Trail fundraiser - but I wasn't comfortable leaving a locked-down area to go to a less restricted one.

I think those people are ignorant BBD! Though mind you, Agis and I are camping in Algonquin two weekends from now. But I won't have any real contact with people. I can go there and back on a single tank, and its contactless check in. And it's camping, I'm not shopping locally. So that makes me feel a bit more comfortable with it.
Years ago when the kids were small, we used to cut our Christmas tree at a place on Airport Rd. I have heard this year many places are sold out early this year.
Have fun camping with Agis! Be prepared for lots of snow.... My family came over to cut a Christmas tree yesterday...and they had to wear get around.
I am CAUTIOUSLY hopeful Agis and I will be able to skijor! The dog friendly trail (a rail trail) for skiing is at the same campground we're staying at.

The Bruce Trail place is on Airport Rd. too!

You're right, places are selling out early. Everyone wants a piece of Christmas joy.
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