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Was just wondering what plans you have for Christmas/holidays this year?? With Covid-19 things are certainly going to be different this year.

In our part of Ontario (Canada)...the whole province is going into lockdown on Dec. 26th. This is the same lockdown as they had at the beginning of the pandemic in March.
The numbers of Covid infected are going up...and the hospitals are having a hard time keeping up with sick patients.

Our small town was doing o.k till they started closing down things in the Toronto area....then those people thought it would be great to come up north...and people started getting sick.

We live a quiet life in the country, and really don't mind being self isolated. For the first time in many years, I have no dogs boarding. It will be a nice change to not have to work during the holidays.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great holiday, and gets to spend time with the people, and dogs that they love!

Merry Christmas, and lets hope for a Covid free 2021 !
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We're locked down too, as you know - though it's not as strong a lockdown as in the spring - Toby's still able to go to work as his store can stay open for shipping AND curbside pick up. He's not working his full hours though, but this way they were able to keep all permanent staff on.

We are seeing family over zoom for the holidays, but honestly are looking forward to a couple of days on our own with the dogs and cats. Toby's mom wanted us to come over (they live in Oakville so don't take it as seriously as we do, they haven't been as affected)...she told me, oh, we'll have two tables in different rooms, that'll be fine. I said no.

My mom should be seeing another single friend, I'm glad, as she was really struggling with the thought of not having people around. I had a MRI on the 10th, and have a consult with an orthopaedic surgeon on the 24th (of all days!), so I'll be higher risk to see her, and my brother's partner had surgery on the 17th. My mom told us she didn't care if she caught COVID and died as long as she got to see us at Christmas...we all had to explain to her we cared if we gave her COVID and she died. Flipping it around like that helped her.
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We've got a countrywide lockdown from 26th here in Scotland too. Popping over to my parents for lunch on Xmas day then Christmas dinner in the house with just us and the puppy.

Merry Christmas to everyone!
Well, in a Merry Christmas to us, Toby's company/store is laying off all employees (except for senior staff) in Ontario, Quebec, and Manitoba. He's to apply for EI (he has already) and the store will be applying for the wage subsidy program.
So sorry to hear that Toby has been laid off. It's good that we do have help in Canada because of the Covid crisis.
It's been snowing here since Christmas no one is going anywhere. The ski hills have been shut down...and now people will be happy with outdoor skating, snow shoeing and cross country skiing. I've not been out for a week...and we are probably good for groceries for another week or so....I dread lining up outside of the grocery store in January waiting to be allowed to shop. Not fun!! 2021 has to be a better year!!!!!
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