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Claw clipping Help!

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Can anyone help me my rottie star really needs her claws clipping but due to what the vet did to her last time she had her claws clipped she won't let any one near her with the clippers. I've tryed bribing her with treats but it didn't work. I've tryed getting someone to told her down she just panics. I hate the vet for doing this to her. having them clipped didn't bother her b4 she was always to busy trying to get the polo mint out of the assistants pocket.
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It is hard to clip a big dogs nails that doesn't want to be clip.

Maybe your vet can give you something that will relax the dog while you clip her nails.Don't force her it will just make it worse.

she won't even go near a vets after what happened last time. i've even switched vets but that's still no good.
I would try a good groomer, that is used to bigger dogs.
Will give it a try but i don't think they be ready for star she can be a bit of a hand full at times.
I had to go to a couple of different ones to find the one that was best for Hercules. Since we moved though I've been doing his grooming.
try doing it one step at a time like when you are watching TV and your dog lays beside you try and clip like one and if that goes well praise her and give her a treatif you do this constantly it might get better. also just try playing with her feet without doing her nails. it would help her get trust of haveing her feet touch and might help with actually doing them.
my male rott is 2, he has never liked his nails clipped i walk him on cemet alot that seems to help or even a large nail file. it works i swear
if your dog dosent mind noise then try a dremil but watch what type of tips you use.
If you use the drumel tool make sure it does not get hot.

Do not hold it on the nail.Just swipe it on the nail wait a second and do it again.don't hold it down and sand the nail off all at once.You will burn the dog if you do it that way.

When our Thor was alive we had to fight with him every time we wanted to clip his nails,,,you couldnt even touch his feet with out him jerking away,,we had even tried tranquilizers from the vet,,,didnt help a bit so I made sure we did a lot of walking on concrete and that got them down some. I never liked the idea of having to use tranquilizers just for that and we only tried them once.Our new rescue rott Zena we tried cutting her nails yesterday,she sat there and it was not a big deal at all,,she just watched and gave us a look like she was saying "yeah,,so what"
She sounds like such a good girl.I'm glad you found her.I hope to meet her one of these days.

Your welcome to stop by anytime,,shes really a good girl,,,I sent Joan at Rottweiler rescue another thank you for letting us have her,,,,shes all that we wanted and more Although shes still a puppy and does at like one ocasionally, shes good enough we dont mind
thats good that you found her and are pleased by her i am sure she feels the same way.
Yeah archer I'm so glad she is working out the way you hoped and more. Good luck and hope she stays with you a long time
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