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Hello, its been a while since I last posted - we have a 2yr old Rotty/Lab mix who is very reactive to other dogs. We have consulted with trainers, vets etc and she is getting better. But recently at home she has been growling at us when we approach her if she is laying down. It's strange because she will then immediately get up and be very friendly - want to play ball or play with her stuffed animal etc. We have had her for 9 months and this behavior just started. We thought that she would become MORE trusting after all the love and attention we have given her since she has been here. It was suggested by someone that she may be in some sort of pain but her behavior certainly doesn't show that. She will chase a tennis ball and fetch it until she wears herself out. It just doesn't seem like she would do this if she was hurting in some way. She is wearing us down at this point. Any ideas would be appreciated - tx
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