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The Rottweiler is one of the easiest dog breeds to identify with his large, muscular build and his black-and-tan coloration. These dogs belong to the Working Group for the AKC and they are considered a large-breed dog, weighing 75 to 110 pounds at maturity. Though these dogs often get a bad rap for being aggressive or dangerous, they are actually quite gentle by nature. But how do Rottweilers get along with kids? Keep reading to find out.

Understanding the Rottweiler Temperament

The Rottweiler is a breed developed to work as a farm dog so they have a strong work ethic and excellent stamina. These dogs are typically very gentle by nature, though the way they are handled and trained plays a major role in determining their personality. Rottweilers are moderately affectionate with family, though they tend to be very aloof around strangers and they sometimes take a while to warm up. This, combined with the breed’s territorial nature, makes them great watch dogs – they won’t hesitate to sound the alarm if an intruder enters their territory. It is not, however, the Rottweiler’s first instinct to attack – he is more likely to step back and assess the situation before making his move.

Rottweilers have a lot of potential as a family pet because they bond closely with family and they are very protective. You should be aware, however, that this breed can sometimes be aggressive with other dogs – particularly dogs of the same sex – but they can be good with cats if they are raised together from a young age. Rottweilers are very smart and generally very trainable as well, though they can sometimes develop a stubborn streak if their handler isn’t firm and consistent. This breed is best for experienced dog owners who know how to handle a strong breed. In terms of their exercise requirements, Rottweiler’s are moderately active but they do require mental as well as physical stimulation on a regular basis.

How Do Rottweilers Act Around Kids?

The Rottweiler may not be one of the most social dog breeds out there, and they weren’t developed as a companion pet. However, many Rottweiler owners say that their dogs get along very well with children. The Rottweiler is not an aggressive breed by nature, but any dog could respond aggressively if frightened or surprised, so you need to take the time to properly introduce your dog to your kids. It is also essential that you talk to your kids about how to act around a dog and how to handle him. With proper training and socialization, and as long as you supervise interactions, your Rottweiler has the potential to do very well with kids.

Though the Rottweiler has potential as a family pet, you still need to exercise a certain degree of caution with this breed in regard to children. Early socialization and training will be extremely important if you want your Rottweiler to get along with children and you’ll need to make proper introductions and ensure that your kids know how to safely interact with a dog. Even if things seem to be fine, you should still supervise interactions just to be safe.
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