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Question for ya all , my Apollo at feeding times goes and lays on his bed when he sees me gettingtheir foodready , then when I call them all to eathe flops over on his side and will not come . I have to go and get him , I will say it makes me laugh, he such a bugger .... but anywho I have to go and sometimes pull him by his collar to the food dish , ( then he eats )I've never had a puppy do this to me , is he just trying me ? How do I stop this ? he's gotta eat he's just a puppy, if it was my older dogs they would miss a meal , should I let him miss a few too ? any thoughts guys .....

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Yeah he is waiting for
" his " special invitation ...... I
think if you let him go
without ...... It wont take but a
meal or two and he will be
first in line next time ...

I dont think it will stunt
his growth any ........
My boy was starved for god
knows how long till i rescued
him and he is growing bigger
and BIGGER .....

If it really bothers you try
( pork loin ) that should get
him there a lil faster .....

Thats what i fed Sampson for
like a month straite when he
was getting better ( from being sick
) ....... Seemed to love
it ....... Never wanted to miss a
meal ......

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It is actually good for them to miss a meal at least ones a month It helps to clean them out a bit.In the wild they don't eat everyday.So everyone in a while mine go without food for a day.Don't feed him if he doesn't come to you or his eating station.Don't go to them,they come to you.


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Well thats what I'm gonna do he willjust miss a meal, I did it with my Zeus when he first came , and he missed a few here and there and it didn't hurt him as you can see in the picture ...... the other people that had him left him alone all the time sohe was used to grazing. Why is it when it comes to babies we want to feed feed feed ?
and if they don't eat oh my
it's that mother instinct I guess ...

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Dallas will not eat if you stand by the bowl. I also have to tell her "ok eat or I take it up." Most the time she will eat. but there have been times I have took it up. Even now that I feed her outside I still have to tell her ok eat. And I would say 99.9 % of the time she has eaten when I go to kennel her or bring her in.


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I like that " grazing " as
you all call it ...... My
boy of course does both
..... has his dry and
water 24 / 7 ...... Then we have
our breakfast and supper times
..... AND when ever Daddy or
nanna or anybody for that matter
eats .... he does not beg
but you know he is there
..... But i have to tell
him i fixed his meal
...... If i dont say that I
have made something for him it
will sit there ...... And he
will NOT eat if anyone
is in the kitchen ...... And
look over his shoulder to make
sure I am NOT looking at him
.... Its too funny ......

GOD is he
" SPOILED " what have I greated ?

My next life I think I
want to come back as a
Rottweiler ......

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awwwwwwww so Dan you have a grazer ! thats not good ya know ... and he's watching you ! so you won't take his food
haveyou been eating his food Dan ? shame on you

Shell , I tell mine to eat also, I actully eat something a cracker or cookie right before I sit down their food , showing them that I eat first ( alfa ) thats what was getting me about Apollo he just started doing this laying down bit . Well guys he did it again last night and this morning and I didn't go and get him and he came and ate !!! yeaaaaaaa the little bugger

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Hey some of that stuffs GOOD

Why is it NOT good ?

I don't know when he wants a
snack ...... If he was one
to gorge himself

I could see NOT allowing him
a 24 / 7 water & dry
bowls .....

He is not over weight
...... I have to ask
now if he is hungry cause of

wasting good food ...... I
used to just feed him ......
And sometimes he

wouldn't eat .... So now when
I ask , I have to watch his
reaction and

If he is " hungry " then I feed him his meal ........

He helps out around my moms
house she cant open the
fridge door without being bumped to
the side and shown what he
wants .....

( i think she spoiled my boy
) lol ( i had NOTHING
to do with it )

He doesnt do that at
home cause i dont let him ( I
am in charge of what we eat ) but
my mom didnt never have dog
food so she tryed to feed him
from her fridge ........ AND now
she has a problem ......

I dont ever remember any DOG
taking charge this way b-4 ........

I can tell ya I wouldn't
have any other dog again
..... Rottweilers reighn supreme .......

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Oh it's good or I wouldn't feed it to my pups .....and what it costs me it better be
ok just what does your boy help with around your mums house ? all mine do is make a mess

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No i ment why is it
not good to allow him to have
acsess to 24 / 7

food ?????

I know the FOOD is
good ...... and don't ask
how i know ! i just do

And mess maker YES
he does that too .....
for a short haired dog

he should be bald .....
theres black hair EVERYWHERE ....
glad he is

not loosing the brown ones
..... thats what
happened to R2C 's boy ....

I ment he helps out
with pushing her around and "
leading " the way

He is always at her side
when she is around ..... Not
that he does the

Vacuming or the dishes
....... I got the ( MALE
) remember !!!

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So ya been eating your puppies food now have yaconfess
I know what you mean about the black hair it's relentless , try it times 4 ....
allthough I just bought a Dyson sweeper and it's the bomb for getting up the hair ! I just wish one of them would learn how to run it !
So he's herding your Mum now is he .... good boy... he's doing his job so he thinks ...mine herd me and the kids all the time or try to .....Letting him have access 24/7 is giving him a bit of the alfa roll . The alfa has control of the food and eats first , so NO grazing here ! Same with the snacks Kitty ( she ispushie)will ask for a snack andwhen she does I ignore her cause I'm the boss or so I think
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