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First Solo Canoe Trip

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Got back from my first solo canoe trip yesterday (long weekend in Canada - Victoria Day for the Brits - though I believe it's not on Queen Victoria's birthday, it's the third (I think?) Monday of May, we refer to as as May 2-4. Not to be mistaken with a 24 pack of beer haha!

I had debated taking Agis, but - he enjoys Canada Geese - wades into water after them - which concerned me for my first solo trip (I've got lots of canoeing experiencing and have solo'd before, but not a solo trip - anyways, it was just as well, the boat was not overly large and I saw a number of geese the first day.

Anyways, had a three day trip. First day was around 13.5k (forgot to start my watch right away) - I did double trip portages (to my everlasting shame haha - but I brought a comfy chair) - I wasn't sure about carrying the pack and the canoe, but I think I'll try that next trip mid-June (yes, lots of bugs). Second day was short, 7.5k, about have of that portaging. Last day was around 14.5k, around 2.2k of that portaging.

To pictures!

You can see the boat (it was basically a canoe/kayak hybrid and I've always been not as good at kayaking - so it took some getting used to, very low, I sat on the floor) and some shots of the way to my first campsite/my first night here:
Shots from the second night are here.

Sky Plant Plant community Natural landscape Bedrock

Sky Plant Cloud Bonfire Natural landscape

Cloud Sky Atmosphere Afterglow Natural landscape

Cloud Sky Water Water resources Plant

Sky Water Plant Reptile Wood

Water Sky Cloud Tree Natural landscape

Water Sky Cloud Natural landscape Tree

Cloud Sky Plant Aircraft Vehicle

Cloud Sky Atmosphere Blue Azure


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Sorry those are a bit out of order but still.

It rained the second day, but cleared by the evening so took a star photo with my bad camera (it's not bad, it's a mirrorless camera with the lens it came with - I do have my fancy $24 shutter release though!)

Brown Sky Astronomical object Science Star
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I had a great time!

It was lovely the first day to keep running into the same two women at portages - and as a grumpy 43 year old woman (ha!) nothing annoys me more than seeing women on a canoe trip in the bow while a man - who inevitably doesn't know how to stern and keeps switching the sides he's paddling on (which makes my eyes bleed, I swear). So seeing two other women on trip was lovely - when I do trip with other people it's often with women who are also experienced (or I'm sterning haha - I have my standards to keep up, plus, grumpy feminist! - also, I know what I'm doing).

Anyways, every other woman I saw out there was in the bow (or one, not paddling at all!) while a man sterned. Or the men were carrying the canoes on the portage. Makes me sigh. At least SOME of the men knew what they were doing which doesn't bug me as much.

But the sites I had were both beautiful, bugs weren't bad. Canoe was surprisingly light (which was nice; I'm not the 15 year old carrying a 80lb canoe any more - I am aged! AGED!

But the stars especially the last night were magical. I just lay on the rocks looking at them. Saw two shooting stars. Go back to that site mid-June and I'm using a different style boat so it'll be interesting to see if it's still as fast. Yesterday I covered 14.5k in a bit over 3 hours which doesn't sound fast but given I had double trip portages and was alone in the boat I was very happy with!
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Wonderful pictures!! So proud of you, portaging and taking Agis. Where did you go this time?? We just got back from a 3 week road trip to BC to visit our daughter. Lots of driving but we saw moose, elk, deer, and bears...and lots of SNOW in the passes.
Hopefully you will have a great time on your next outing.
Oh heck I didn't take Agis - he'll come eventually, but I didn't want him jumping out and chasing geese (though he's not much of a swimmer) on my first solo trip. The canoe was under 15' so there wasn't space really anyways. I will see for Civic Holiday weekend maybe - I get a look at that canoe in June (different outfitters).

Went to Killarney again though. Have a few trips coming up in June but what with bugs the boys will all be staying home.

That trip sound fabulous! Wow! I have never seen an elk, that's really cool.
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