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Getting along with cat

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We recently adopted a 2 yr old rescue Rottie and so far everything is going well, exceptfor him getting along with our cat. We can't let him go around the cat, and when we let him slowly get closer and start to stiff, he lunges at it. He hasn't aggressively tried to bite it, but I think he might.Our cat is great around dogs, and doesn'ttry to run, so there is no chasing going on. Any tips for this???? Thanks in advance!
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Do you crate the dog? If so have him crated around the cat for a while.

This might work and it might not some dogs just don't like cats.Since he was a rescue,who knows what happened to him as a pup.He could have been attacked by a cat or two.

Well the worst thing i ever did is when i first
got my rott, when i went to work i didnt want him to be alone
.... I got him a kitten ... It was funny at first you know the old
saying " your gonna LOVE that kitty to DEATH " Well
... I had to let the CAT go
when he was interfearing with training ...</font>
( he would distract sampson when we walked OFF the leash ) .... But
anyways to make a long story short ...... It was the
WORST thing i ever could have done .... He loves cats ( has
NO fear ) and twice i had to
rescue him from getting his eyes clawed
..... Not all cats
enjoy a full grown rott bouncing
over to them .... BECAREFULL there are more then just
your cat out there ..... I beleive that a
rescued animal DOES try harder to please you
.... And you may regret pushing a
relationship .... just my opinion from my
own experience .....
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We got Dally at 9 months. Never even seen a cat. We have 2 hemalayns. The male love to play chase with her, the female cat is a hole new story. She hates Dally, won't even drink ou thte same water dish.
Dally seams to know she is unlike by(Tasha) the cat. And really does not bother her.

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I have two rotts and a kitten my rotts are 4 & 1/2 year old male (who likes both my other two pets) and a 7 month old female who thinks the cat (which is 8 months old by the way) is her own personal pet and toy. now when I first got the kitten she had never seen a dog before let alone one as big as a rott, but she eventually got over her fear and maybe your rott will too, time will tell. but in the meantime i would just keep an eye on them give your rott as much attention as possible and like donna said if you have crate use it whenever you can't watch them together. You may not be able to ever make them get along but they should be able to live together peacefully eventually.
hi I have 2 rotties female 15 mths and male 13 mths. i recently got a yorkie and they don't get along. my rotties havn't been around other dogs. we also live in a secluded area. will they ever get along? the rotties r always downstairs or outside

he yorkie now stays in my bedroom and the rotties downstairs. please help
The yorkie is fast and small(prey).Again if they have never been around small animals they might never be trusted with them.

well i have 2 rotts and 4 cats my rotts get along with the cats because they stay upstairs except for two the one cat has no fear and he will hiss when he is tired of the dogs. what i do is i have a friend hold my dogs and then i bring the cat to them slowly and only give them a chance to smell him and then give thema treat and i repeat this getting closer.
thanks for the advice
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