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Hi Melanie.

Your baby is going in the space from your Creasey..what she alway's did have for her self...your attention....your devotedlove...she must share that now...and thats what she dont very snap can hurt your human baby so never gone forgive yourself. Its not easy to give the good help you need tru writhing..for that it must be able to read your Rottie in practice. But good advice we can give...keep them seperated untill you find professional help. Dont try things out without experience help..way to risky, try to see it clear, devoted love or not...its Creasey who have to learn, you must guide her with experience help on your side..and never...never lett them both alone in one room..not for one second...for your human baby...for Creasey...and for yourself. Turn America upside down to find that experience HELP.

We wish you all the best...and hope to read later in future..that everything is going smoot again, but untill that time...please be carefull.

1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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