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<DIV id=post_message_213447>Well when I signed the lease, the supers new I had a rottweiler. Not happy about it, but they trusted me.
But here in quebec when you lease they prefer not to write dogs allowed because for legal reasons. if complaints want to have the option of getting rid of the dog.
Anyways....I was going up the stairs in the lobby with Harley and Kayla, and poof out of no where shows the actual owner of the building.
I was worried because he did not know there were dogs here, especially a rott. I kept my cool, placed Harley in a sit, and he approached me.
This is how it went.
" what breed of dog is this"
ME It is a rottweiler
"Do you know they are a viscous breed"
ME " ( keeping cool) They are as viscous as any other breed in the wrong Hands"
Does he play with your daughter "
ME " No he is too large, and can accidently knock her down "
" does he listen to you, can you control him at all times"
Me" Would you like to see the control, Harley sit. Lie down, get up, stay, stand, and paw" Good boy Harley. You can ask neighbors he never barks and no complaints"
" I will just do that"
As he was saying this the super came down the stairs. The owner asked if their has been any complaints, the super then delightfully said, this guy he is really quiet, and clean.
Just as he said this, a couple with a tiny little chi comes down the stairs..... That dog I have many complaints about.
I Then proceeded to go upstairs, and breathe again. He now knows I own a rottweiler, and has no problems with it, All because Harley showed control and restraint. I am so proud of my BOY. for not going through his teenage I am not listening phase.
My mom said he read my tension and preformed very well because of it.
Thank you Harley

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Wow rottielover I bet you are so proud of him !Did yougive him a extra cookie ...... Good boy Harley
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