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No less than 2 years ago, I contacted Colorado Rottweilers and spoke with Doug Harrington who pressured me into signing a contract and sending a Zelle deposit of $500 for a "premium" dog. I told him the type of dog I was seeking, including genetic testing confirmed of the breeding. He swore he had a new litter coming. I asked him where ti write on his contract the specs and timeline we spoke about and he stated to do so on the contract and sign. I did this. Sent the contract in, confirmed the funds sent. No dog. I have literally gotten to the reasonable point of harassment of this crook. He made excuse after excuse for a year. I have them documented. I called him from a separate number because he wouldn't answer my regular number and he yelled at me and hung up. I have went to reviews everywhere and without restraint cautioned people to not do business with this guy. So have many, and many more harmed financially by this man and his family. He keeps changing his kennel because he gets to the point he has to with all the scamming he does. One individual reached out to me by FB and said they purchased what ended up being a diseased dog that requires a lot of medical attention in the thousands of dollars to obtain the guarantee reimbursement and a new puppy. He gave excuses and then never responded. The guy sued him, and he never showed up for court (this was 3 years ago). He put a lein on his property. This is a man intentionally strategizing to run a scam. The websites are not a reflection of available dogs as they are switch bait to get you to call and then he says they have been sold. Any dogs he has sold he imports and they are cheap imports he then sells for high premiums and then he is nowhere to be found to hold him accountable. That is if you get a puppy. You are lucky if you don't. Few have gotten one of his "buddies" dogs bred in the US and may be lucky enough the dog doesn't show disease. This is criminal and needs to stop. We need to work together to file a massively supported claim against him and even his family who are involved and stop this act from perpetuating. The excuses continue as "I'm taking all these pills." It's a classical scripted process of scamming people! He goes on to say you can come into his home, that he and his family are HONEST people and will not leave you stuck with a dog that doesn't work for you. Its awful. He just basically has found the sweet spot of $500 where people don't bother small claims and say their piece publicly and shame on him, and then they move on. The BBB doesn't have enough complaints filed. People just don't want to spend the time at $500. They will defending a $2500 purchase for a sick premium dog. I believe we are talking possibly 30, 50 or more people. I'd not be surprised if 100.
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