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Help with papers

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my rotty Emma is an AKC dog. but the problem is the previous owner never registered her with the AKC people. I did get a copy of her pedigree from the old owner but it is from United Registry. I also got a paper for AKC companion animal recovery enrollment form. Is this the paper for registering with the AKC or is this just another form? I want to register her, but am really lost on how to do it. If anyone knows what these forms are, or how to help me it would be greatly appreciated. the previous owners didnt do anything with her papers.
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See rescues ( looking for another rotty )

scroll down till you see a reply from rutlyr that should help you ....
The people who owned her before are the only ones who can get her papers.

The breeder must have registered her whole litter and then signed pappers over to the previous owner.So they are the only one who AKC will deal with.You might own the dog ,but they own the papers.

Never heard of the United Registery,do you mean United Kennel Club?

Don't know what the animal recovery enrollment is.Does she need Papers?They really only need them if you are going to show them.If you want to show in Obed.Then once the dog is Spayed/neutered you can get an ILP number from AKC.

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i do have her registration number. her litter was
registered with the AKC. the owner just didnt take the time to do her
paperwork. the enrollment form is in case she ever is stolen or lost,
it helps track them with the help of the microchip that she has. to
some people, it doesnt matter if you have papers or not, and i truly am
one of those people. no i dont have to have them and they dont make my
girl any less of my baby. the factor that she has the akc registration
is nice. everyone says the papers dont make the dog, and it is very
true. but if i decide to show her, which i am thinking about doing, i
need the papers. i came on here hoping to find answers to some of my
questions, and i have to a few of them. i thought this website was to
bring the people who LOVE their rottys together, not make them feel
dumb for asking questions. i understand some people have more
experience than others, but ya know what some of us would like to learn
more, so we ask questions.
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Not trying to make any one feel dump.just asking.

Did not get much in your question.

Who was her breeder?

Lets start there.

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the breeders name is duane a hermsmeyer. i am not sure if he is an iowa
or kansas breeder. emma ended up back in the pet store she was
originally sold from then rebought by the guy i got her from. he gave
me all the papers that came with her. she does have an AKC number, and
i have the sire and dams info. the paper from unitedregistry has
the parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and great greats.

her papers from united were researched from the hunte corp in goodman,
MO. all i am trying to figure out is what i need to do to paper her.
and what the papers i have are all for.
Again I never heard of the united registory.

What is her AKC number that will help a little?and parents AKC numbers?

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donna- i sent you a PM with the akc numbers, i feel safer sending them privately.
I will be right back I will see what I can find on the AKC site.

ok im watching for it, thanks
thank you for the help. i really do appreciate it. its nice to know
emma has a brother. is it possible since the breeder is not listed, he
stopped breeding after emma? i have no idea how to find the breeder, i
am going to try the pet store she came from, and see if they have the
info. i think they keep that on record. im still digging to find out
what the united registry is for, the paper says its part of the HUNTE
Corporation. they have a website, maybe i can find info there.
i went to the site. didnt give much help, but i am going to send the
papers in that i have. the previous owner is willing to sign the
transfer of ownership papers, so they can send me a new copy of her
registration and pedigree. they also keep track of her microchip, which
is a good thing. thanks again for all the help.
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If you want me to try and track her pedigree let me know.

I am a big time pedigree buff.Always love a challange

You would have to scan what you have and E-mail it to me.

I did it for missy's dog diamond and posted links to her mother and father.

Under breeders and pedigrees-Diamond.

Sorry I couldn't help you more then what I got.

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you may have a challenge trying to trace her, but it would be very
interesting to trace her lineage. i will try to get her papers scanned
and email them to you. it may take a day or tow, but when you get them,
take your time. there wont be a rush at all. i checked diamonds, you
did a awesome job.
I can only try.I have entered over 4000 rottweilers to that site.

I've fallen behind as I have been drawing so much.I'm on a forum in Austraila and they have been e-mailing me different dogs to draw.

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