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Hi all... quick question

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Hi all..this forum and site is great!! I have a 1year 9month old rotti..american i believe(is there a way to tell).He is around 95 lbs....the problem is his brother(the only other male in the litter ) is around 155lbs and is just massive. Is my guy the runt of the litter? Or jus a regular rotti as opposed to his brother who is oversized. my boy's brother has had so many offers to take him ,breed him buy him etc...thats how big he is. They are both amazing looking, probably(tryin not to be bias) the best looking rotti's I have ever My guy is also very scared of vacuums, loud noises and any sudden noise makes him jump. I have had him from the breeder since he was 8 weeks old , visited him b4 he was born and right after he was born. Therefore I know that he has never been abused or hurt in anyway...I wonder what can cause this sort of timidness. He is not afraid if I put my fist up to him at all or fake to hit him flinching even. Its just loud noises or sudden unexpected noises make him jump.

He also LEAPS around the fields liek a deer, its absolutly hilarious..just thought I would add that in. He is playful ..great and friendly to absolutly every living thing, has never chewed anything he wasnt supposed fact he is the perfect temperment and behaviour.

The hair on his back has NEVER gone up..EVER. I dont think there is a mean bone in his body. He licks everyone and everything like they are lollipops and sometimes wont he is just recently started to get protective, more like See, he never growls..he has only once for 1 second when he thought someone was outside. normally in fact always , he just barks.

Rottis are a wait and see type of I have a feeling that has something to do with his behaviour..can anyone help??

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Your dogs brother is way over sized and should be neutered.Let your dog be what he is going to be ,don't second judge him because he doesn't look like anyother Rottweiler.

Again there is no such thing as Amer.or German Rotts.They are Rottweilers.he could have been bred from Amer stock(which by the way all goes back to Germany)Only your breeder knows his lines and should have given you a pedigree when you got your puppy.

Some dogs also spook easyier then others.

My Magnus is hilarious when you get him around a vaccuum. It doesn't even have to be on, he rushes it and barks at it, but won't actualy bite it. He gets startled easily sometimes. Magnus is about 2 1/2 and only weighs around 100 lbs, but he is starting to fill out recently. My sister's female rottie mix is 120 lbs, and really overweight. she has thyroid problems and arthritis because of it. The bigger dog is probably going to have a lot more health problems. Get his thyroid checked, there may be a problem there.
Thanks for the responses
. How come Sarge's brother should be neuterd?? He is absolutly in great shape , no fat at all and completely muscular and perfectly proportioned. Just I know he will get hip problems most likely at an early that the reason?

Also, I would never second guess my guy...he is my life and absolutly perfect to me. He also has a perfect frame and weight for the courses he will be taking.He is going to finish his obediance and from there possilby SAR or shutzand training for sport. I want to be active with him and have fun with him. Agility is also part of the training so that is great for the kangaroo in

As for the papers ...I didnt want them because of cost and I would never show him. He is my buddy thats it. I got him froma breeder who took one of his females and let her mate with my friends rott named major. Now , the reason I got Sargent Major is because of how agile and amazing his father MAjor was. He impressed me so much that the day I found out that Major got bred I was hooked. I had to have a male from his litter. Out of the two males I got EXACTLy what I wanted..a spitting image of his father. Sarge's brother however looks like his mom Dakota...except ALOT

Now as for the vacuum..Sarge will not bark or attack or go near it.he basically goes in another room and watches me vacuum. He is gettin to be fine with the big vacuum .The small vacuumis another He will jus walk away from it and watch.

I tend to think he does spook more then other dogs, but not at everything. Ihope he has the right tmeperment to do the training I wanna try with him. Well wishus luck with the training it starts tomorrow:)..thanks again for your responses
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Good luck and best wishes with your training and don't worry he sounds just fine to me. I have a 4&1/2 year old male who still doesn't like the sound of the vacuum he's not scared just doesn't like all the noise, and as far as his size he'll be what he's gonna be and there is nothing wrong with that. He sounds like a great dog and I wish you all the best with him
thanks so much Missy...IT WENT AMAZING!!! HE DID ME SO PROUD!! The advanced shutzund dog handlers were so impressed by his DRIVE and how well he was on his first bite.The Actual trainer loved him and said he looks like he has great potential and drive for the sport, as well as tracking. It could not have wentg any better and we will be continuing this training without a doubt. HE is MY BEST FRIEND...and I knew he would not let me down..he never will as I wilil never let him down. the minute I feel he is not havin fun I will discontinue his training . He was having way too much fun for that to happen I believe:)

Thanks again are your rotts
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My rotts are doing just great they are my pride and joy (besides my children of course) they aren't doing the training yours is but they have their obediance training and my guy is the best (as far as I'm concerned) He's the biggest baby with me and my family and friends but there have been a few times that he didn't take too well to some people and I didn't trust those people to well either so there is something to be said for trusting a dog's instinct. Well enough about that I'm glad he did so well and had so much fun. And your welcome.......anytime

Oh yeah and my female she is coming along she is still only 7 months old so we'll see how it goes with her. So far she is absolutely adorable and loving. Not a mean bone in her (except when bud takes her chew toys) then she has to take them back but they do love to play. Especially tug o war with their toy. It is so funny cause she can finally hold her own with him and he just looks bewildered when she gets the best of him.Edited by: missy30
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LOL...I can just imagine how much fun all your kids are having.:)

I am glad to hear they are well. You are very right, I will always trust my dogs or any dogs instincts to a point. My dog has never growled or barked direecctly at a human meanly. However I have one friend that coems over and Sarge just doesn;t like him, but loves everyone else. Even tho Sarge doesn;t like him he still shows no sign of aggression. He does become VERy watchful tho.

My sisters dog is VERY protective and untrusting of guys in uniforms and guyds in general that approach the house or my sister. Its really not a good thing when it gets too bad.

How much do your two weigh??
my male weighs about 110lbs and my female is about 80lbs but she's not done growing yet
Awesome ...My guy is a year and a half and weighs almost 100lbs. He was sick when I first got him and almost died. The vet thought it was parvo but he tested neg. So for a week Sarge and I fought this problem onthe bathroom floor as he could not move at all. He had the IV and the tests and meds special food,eye droppers with for water and pepto bismol...none of which he couldnt keep down. I just layed with him on the bathroom floor(only left his side to ge thigns for him)which is attached to my room , and cried and told him to be tough...he was .He pulled through thank god, and I feel that made our bond super strong even tho he was only 9 weeks old when it happened.Some say that he may have had his growth stunted because of it...what do you think?Has anyone encountered such problems?

I think I should vut htis short...right now he is banging his shoe against the back door....think he wants in??lol
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lol....the only time I have ever been through parvo with one of my dogs was with my first rott and her name was penny.......unfortunately she didn't make it. I thought I'd never get over her. Thank god I was able to though or I never would have had the oppurtunity to have my babies that I have now. She was only7 months when she got it and it hit her so hard and fast that she was gone in less than two days. I cried for a week over her. I was able to be with her thruogh it all, even up until she took her last breath. I hated seeing her like that, she went from a perfectly healthy happy puppy to a bag of bones in less than 24 hours. It was horrible. I can honestly say that, thanks to her though I have come to love this breed and believe me I have had plenty of other breeds. I'll never own any other kind now though.
I am so sorry to hear about penny but glad she helped to open your heart to this amazing breed of dog. I thank god everyday for lettin Sarge stay with me and for making him the awesome dog he is. I coudln;t have asked for abetter dog.:)

I will post a website soon with pics of Sarge and his brother.I am sure the size difference will amaze you

I was holding our family dog (golden retriever 12yrsold) when we had to put her down in between christmas and new years. That made it so much harder as it was a family time. The feeling is unbearable so I can feel your pain...bu tglad it has turned to joy. My father cried more when Shandy died then any other of his family members....Dogs defnitly hold a little different kind of special place in our hearts..different then where any human could be. My Parents dog MAC is 10 now and starting to get hip problems..well ,has hip problems, not sure how long he has. Its gonna devistate us all...but MAC plays everyday and gets just as excited when anyoen comes until its the last resort he will be with us...him and SArge are a ball togehter...Sarge makes him feel like a puppy again I believe.
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yeah I hear you on that. I already have some pics of mine in pics of dallas topic if u want to see them
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