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Hi from a newbie

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Hi, my name is Mel and I have a rotti and a pitty, bronx and brooklyn, just thought i would say hello and intro myself.. I am living in Ontario where they have banned my pitty. I don't need to say how angering it all is...Hope to stick around here for awhile...
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Sorry about the pit bull thing.We have been trying to help here in the states by call or e-mailing everyone we can.

When will they learn BSL doesn't work.

No kidding, and as of a few days ago hamilton was going to kill all there pits and now I guess they got such a reaction they have decided not too. I emailed them saying that if they kill them they should be ashamed with themselves. I hope the lawyer fighting for us wins and soon...I have to muzzle Brookie and she thinks she is being bad with a muzzle on...Poor girl.
Hello and welcome first off. Now on to the other subject...that is just some major bull hope you guys win this thing too. Maybe if enough people fight it they will change their minds and take the ban away. Good luck. oh yeah and cute dogs too by the way.
Thank you for the welcome, and as for the BSL, well its just really a way for the librals to take more of our rights while taking more of our money. I find it funny that generally people are more afraid of the big rotti, bronx, and yet my Brookie has to be muzzled, I can understand leashing laws, but a muzzle. Like I had put on a tshirt, "I trust my PitBull more than most people" and its true, I just hope all my emails and everyone elses actually make a differance. Oh and for anyone interest in a BSL tshirt here is the link for that, I am ordering one today.

www.bannedaid.comI hope it works, plus all the money is going to Mr. Ruby the lawyer fighting for them. Some hope!
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