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Hip & leg problems

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I have a 16 month old female (Spayed) rottie named Ariel. Today we went to try out for an advanced training class and the trainer noticed an issue with her right left leg.

He though it might be hip or liagment problems. She does not have the typical dysplasia symptoms (bunny hopping).

Any one have something similar? She is 112 lbs and a good size girl.

Thanks in advance for any insight.
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I have had dogs with HD live to be 11 or longer with no signs.

I would take the dog in and have it x-rayed to see if there is a hip problem or see if she tore a knee.

Either way have it looked at as soon as you can and then go from there.

Thanks - I do have an appointment set for Monday
Sorry to take so long. The vet did not find any problems with either her hips or tendons. However, he did notice her conformation is not well suited to jumping. Since she's still a baby (my 115lbs baby), I have decided not to put any more stress on those lovely legs for now.

I'll have her reassessed when she's two to see if there has been any improvement or deterioration.

Otherwise she's healthy and will be donating blood to the canine blood bank next month.
I have another friend who's Rottweiler is also a blood donar.

At least there is nothing wrong with her.

Some dogs like horses are not built to jump,so it's best not to .Don't want to hurt anything.You can still continue to train her ,and if she can not jump you can look for a new puppy that you will be able to work,later on down the road.

Donna, I agree that not all dogs are suited for all tasks. The idea of the training was for her to have fun so it' definately not worth risking her health.

The Blood Collection facility loves rottweillers (and we can't blame them) because the dogs are large, calm and able to handle the stress well.

We are donating again next month, and I hope to get detailed pictures of the procedure.
You can just train for basic obed.Do you plan on compeating with her?

Donna, I hadn't considered competing with her although it might be fun. She's just the type of dog who likes to work. She is very obedient and really enjoys training. It's also good mommy/baby time for us.

We're registered to do NOVICE training at the best trainer in the city of Edmonton Alberta. It is scheduled for the end of June. It might be a lot of review but that's ok too.
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