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Very handsome boy. There is always that heart dog that never leaves your heart...even after they are gone.
He was definitely that. I reserved him from a breeding in Germany, Mambo Von Der Crossener Ranch and Donna Vom Hause Schommer. Donna was imported pregnant. Attila was incredibly easy to train, obedient, protective, safe with my wife & kids, and FUNNY! He liked to scare people walking by the house. When he heard someone coming up the hill, he would hide himself between a large oak tree in my yard and the walkers. When they got even with the house, he would charge up the driveway growling and stop right at the line of his electric collar and let out one huge bark. (fences aren't allowed in my neighborhood) He never broke the perimeter, and we could easily see through the kitchen from behind that his little stub was wagging 240. I'm certain he was laughing inside, while the people usually startled and moved to the other side of the street.
He was also very brave and tough. I live in a semi wooded area, raccoons are more common than people. He managed to get a hold of and dispatch at least 10 of them in his lifetime, and somehow did it without much more than a few scratches.
That dog never chewed anything that wasn't given to him, never got in the trash, and the only times he ever had "bathroom incidents" in the house, he was sick or had eaten something that didn't agree with him. His only bad habits were eating paper towels and drinking from the toilet, which can be a problem when you have a septic field and they drink it down too far. He was SUCH a good dog that I actually had to wait a few years until my heart was ready to start over and I wouldn't find myself comparing. Truth is, I will probably never have another dog quite like him, and that's OK.
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