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I need your help

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This recenlty appeared in local town newspaper and there are a few of us that are standing up to fight it and i would like your imput

Bylaw 2004-05

"A by law to prohibit the keeping of dangerous Dogs"

A) That dangerous Dogs are prohibited in"TOWN"S NAME". That include any Rottweiler, Pitbull,Doberman, or any dogof these mixed breed, as well as any other dog which is deemed dangerous by way of chasing, attcking, or threateningthe safety of persons or domestic animals. Any owner found guilty of an infraction of this bylaw can be fines $250 per occurance, andshould any person who harbors a ' dangerous dog" not remove the dog by a given date, an additional penalty of $25 per day shall be applied to the original penalty

Does anyone have any idea's how we can fight this, i refuse to loose my dog due to uneducated people... i have included theemail if youwould like to help!!

email to attn: Don Bradley or Town Councilat&nb sp; [email protected]
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Let me know more and will post it all over the internet.Town and when they will be voting.

That is the hardest part there was never a vote about it the town passed it, it was never brought to attention that is was even going to go through... we don' t even know if they can do that but it was posted in the paper just recentlyas a "public notice" that itwill be in place. i will get more info and keep you posted if it is not to late
Hopefully it's not to late.When you let me know more I will post it on every rottweiler list I'm on.They will be swamped with E-mails.

thats horable i do hope its not to late but i will get an email out about that and see if anyone has ideas.
That's horrible indeed!!.. I not only have a Rottie, but also have an Doberman. They both are the sweetest and well behaved dogs I have every had. I also will contact some of my email buddies for suggestions and for them to send emails to this town.
Some people still believe it's the dog not the owner.

That is what we need to show everyone,that they are great dogs if raised right.

That is just unbelievable and I hope I get some email's out enough to make a difference
I'm on the council where I live and if I'm reading the by law right that you put in your post it pertainstoANY dog that is deemed dangerous by way of chasing, attcking or threateningthe safety of persons or domestic animals. Your dog will have to have done one of these to be in violation ofthat by law. They cannot remove your dog just because it is of a certian breed !!!I myself own 4 Rotties and they are as gentle as can be.....I believe that there is no such thing as a bad dog just bad dog owners..... Now if they were saying that you could not own a certian type of adog breedI would have a BIG problem with that issue !!!

Owner of 4 Rotties.... Kitty, Zeus, Apollo & Rhea
Well , we are having simaler problems down here in Florida ... There has to be a ( bite history ) so the law reads ... So what kitty has said is the way I interpet the law .... BUT not the town officials ie: the cop on the beat .... Ok there always right and now you have to fight for your right ..... Where I live I will always have a problem because i live ON the beach , and the tourists money will always come first .... I can live with that ... I am working on a voice command permit here ... However an my neighbor hood it will NOT matter do to the beach ( tourists ) the sherriff says he dont care what type permit I have i will loose my boy ... Even though its the sherriffs department that will test him for the permit ( and that is march 22nd ) But i want it anyways cause to me its like a blue ribbon .... And i can use it everywhere else ... SECOND issue is insurance my brother has a dog that resembles a rott except his color ( see bear in the photo album ) And he is fighting the ( bite history law ) to keep home owners insurance .... And he doesnt even own a dog that is on the list JUST looks like one sorta ... In my case we lied there is a german shepard and my rott in they place we live ( NO HISTORY ) in either case .... So the home owner reclassed them We have a collie and a labradore .....

I dont have much faith in fighting city hall .... But we have to !
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