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I will no longer be on

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I want to say thank you to everyone that has given me advice and support with Emma. I will no longer be on posting due to the reason Emma is being euthanized at 1:30 today. She is going to a better place due to health issues. Again, thank you everyone for everything and good luck to all.


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sorry to hear this MB.I think if you stick around we could maybe help you through this tough time? take care.
Sorry to her about Emma.It is a hard choice to make even if it was the right one.

You don't have to leave ,you need people now.And I'm sure you got the rottweiler bug and will be looking for a puppy when the time comes.We can help you in finding a good breeder who will stick with you and your puppy.

MuddBabie sorry to hear about Emma . But don't leave . Once a Rott always a Rott. Ihope you change your mind and stick around with us! Hey your one of the gang !!!
Sooo sorryto hear about Emma, I think most of us really do share your pain especially those of us who have been through it already. But like everyone else said Don't leave we can be here for you when it gets hard and like Donna said maybe when the time is right and you think you can handle another one we can help you find a new rott to love, Don't get me wrong none will ever replace Emma in your heart but you may find you have enough room to let another one in.
My condolences for your loss. We are here to listen and remember her with you.
hello everyone. thank you so much for your thoughts. i think i will stick around to see what is new. you all helped me so much in the short time i had Emma. someday i will want another rotty, but not to soon. reading your posts did help me through this very tough time. i know someone out there did care and know how much pain i was going through. i will talk to everyone soon, in the meantime take care and love your rottys. sometimes life is to short.
Well I for one am glad that you decided to stick around, there's nothing worse than going through something like this alone, and I think I'm probably speaking for all of us when I say that.
Sorry to here about emma loosing A best friend is no fun glad you decided to stay on with us and when you are ready you will probable will get a new rotttie. Tom
Yes it is too sad when we loose one of ours ..... " SORRY " to hear you had to put her down .....

But GLAD to hear your gonna stick with us here ....

Hopefully you will find another ROTT when you are ready ....

" good luck "
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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