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Ignoring other dogs

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how do i get emma to ignore other dogs while we are out walking. she
doesnt pay much attention to people but if she has a dog all heck
breaks loose. she only weighs 80 pounds but thats alot compared to my
105#s. she has alot of pull and i need some help. i can usually get her
to settle down with a firm pull and no but some extra suggestions would
be appreciated.
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Here again the prong collar would work.It will help you control her better,and make firmer corrections.Training classes are also good.If not to learn anything but at least for the socialization

And her again spaying would help.They don't call them bitches for nothing.

I'm with Donna again use a prong collar on her, I have to with my Kitty any other collar on her and she is a pulling machine ! when I get the prong out she stands up and puts her head in it ....LOL walk walk .....I don't have to use iton my male he's as laxed as can be on a leash .....have you socialized her with other dogs? how old is she?
she just turned 3 a few weeks ago. she was raised with a male rotty with her previous owner. i have had her around a female dog and she did very well. its just taking her for walks is turning into a nightmare. she outweighs and outpulls me. im really afraid shes going to get ahold of someones dog if they get to close to her.
Get that prong collar(training collar)have someone at the pet store show you how to use it.

If you do not want to buy one then try this pull your dogs collar all the way up (just under the head,like people who show dogs)You now have control of the dogs head it is easier to pull the head around then the body you will have all the control you need(as long as the collar stays up there.

If you are walking and you see someone else walking towards you (people or dog)Sit your dog on the side and wait for who ever to pass.I do this with all my dogs when walking.It is easier to control a sitting dog then a pulling dog.

MuddBabie, do you have a fenced in yard? you need to walk her in your yard and pratice with the leash there . ( and the prong collar )get control of her in your yard first ! It will take you a few weeks or so , but you need to have control or your baby might do something that might tag her as a mean dog ! A prong collar sounds cruel but it will keep her attention to you ! I don't believe in chokers cause thats what they do choke your dog and cut off their air ! I never had to use a prong collar till I got my Kitty she is a dominant bugger. My husband was totaly against it but he didn't walk her all the time I did ! He said that's cruel but after he seen the difference in her with it he conceded . ( he had no other choice )And Donna's right about walking your dog and if you see someone or a dog passing make her sit , I train all my dogs to sit when I stop they SIT . Sometimes on our walks I see so many people and they want to talk and I don't want a dog pulling me to continue the walk till I'm ready. They will bark at me though if I'm talking to long
so good luck with Bella .....Let me know if you do try the prong collar ... it helped me !!!
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unfortunately, my yard is not fenced right now. that is my number one
project as soon as the snow stops and it gets a little warmer. i am
going to invest in the prong collar for emma. i do make emma sit
when i see another dog approaching us. she does pretty well usually,
but the other day was not much fun. thanks for the info ill keep ya
posted on how its going
Ignoring other dogs ....

My neighbor has a poodle and
a boxer .... My sampson does
not leave the yard ( unless
its to fertilize the neighbors grass )
But across the street people have
this puddle that runs out in
the street barking at my rott. ....

Well today sure enough
sampson was out getting the mail
.... and here it comes " bark
bark bark " Well as sampson stands
there with this dumbfounded look on
his face .... This puddle almost
gets hit twice running back and
forth into the street ....

My neighbor just stood there
watching ( more to see what my dog
was gonna do ) .... See
to them my dog is a menace
WHY ??? just because of the
breed .... And we all know
the truth of this .....

Well thank god my dog has
manners and disapline cause that
was just wrong to let his dog
charge at mine like that .....

" must be his wifes dog "

............................................................ ..............................


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Good for Sampson
, I like proving ( or I hear that someone else does )to people that Rotts are not always the bad guy ! Why is it that people who have small dogs think itis ok for their dogs to run out of their yards in the streetand try to provoke another dog or even chase someone ?Is it little dogsyndrom ? I have a neighbor that used to have a little mexcan mix ( she died about 6 months ago at the ripe old age of 15)but anywayshe would just leave her out and she would go where ever she pleased , and she was NOT a friendly dog ! The kicker is that my neighbor is also on council with me and knows we have a leash law here ! I used to tell him that one of thesedays she's goingend up aslunch !!!It never happened but it was me who had to make sure that I had control ofMY dog . Sohere's to showing them whos the real menaceis
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its been awhile since ive been on here. life has been busy. emma is doing much better with her attitude. the prong collar did wonders for her. she is a much better behaved dog, and is starting to get along with strange dogs. there are some she just dont like, but she dont try to eat them now. thanks for the advice, socialization classes are also starting in a few weeks and emma will be a student.
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Glad to hear that things are getting better.Was wonder about her,since you have not been around for a bit,but glad you came back with good news.

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