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Insurance on dogs

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Just woundering how many of you carry insurance on your dogs and what type? dose your homeowners insurance cover you if your dog dose the unthinkable? Or if some idiot wanders onto your property and gets bit. Can you get liability insurance for that kind of protection? And last of all I am not a salesman I drive fork trucks at Xerox a living. Tom
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Depends on what state you live in .....

Here in sunny Florida there has to be a bite history .... However If they deside NOT to insure you then you got a fight on your hands ..... I am going through this right now ..... My home owners has been cancled because of a rottwieler on the property .... Nothing i can do ..... My brother owns a dog that looks like a rottwieler and has had his policy canceled .... He is fighting it do to NO BITE history ..... I wont bother cause i wont part with my DOGS .....

SEE : bsl thread .... disturbing site .... then look for the ( dog bill ) post it .... has info on stopping insurance companies from dropping people with BIG dogs ...
If I'm not misstaken State Farm is what alot of Rottweiler owners have.

Insurance companys really like it if your dog has a CGC(you don't need papers on a dog to get this title.

I'm from Massachusetts..and I needed renter's insurace-- my landlord
was fine with my having my Rottie, but just wanted me to have the
insurance (he owns a gazillion acre farm, and wouldn't want that
jeopardized, I'm sure). I called my agent (a family member), who
carries Metropolitan, and they won't cover rotties or any of those oh
so scary breeds.

So, I called a friend of mine who owns an insurance agency in the area,
and I was able to get it through the Massachusetts Property Insurance
Underwriting Association. $20,000 property insurance and $500,000
liability insurance, for less than $200 a year.
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I have State Farm and mine is covered under my homeowners policy. State Farm covered my last Rott and had no issues with us having another. It's not a plug for them, but they were appreciative of the steps we've taken to train/socialize her. Oh, prior to us buying our first, they covered us under our renters policy as well.
anyone looking for a company to cover you

most of the clubs offer that info

american kennel

rottweiler club

even the humane society has this info

state farm and farmer are about the only two left for ( dangerous dogs )

and they determin whats dangerous NOT you or I .....
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