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Is a Rottie the Right Dog for Me?

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I'm thinking of adopting a Rottweiler, but I want to make sure that we would be a good fit for each other.

My work schedule is irregular. Some weeks I don't go in to work at all, but there are some days I have to go in for long hours. I can come home to make sure the dog gets fed and to go out to pee on those days, but that's it. I need a dog who can handle those occasional but inevitable days alone.

I need a dog who is not really high energy. I had a field bred lab in the past who was super high energy, and though we loved each other very much, we weren't a good match. I exercised her more than I felt personally comfortable with, and yet she was still frustrated at times, I think. I have a yard for the dog to play in, but I'm not a jogger or hiker or anything. After a long day at work, I'm feeling lazy and want to collapse on the couch and rest. A short walk I can handle, but jogging or extended walks are too much. I live in some pretty steep hills and even walking around here will really take it out of you.

I have heard that rotties might be only medium energy and might be happy lazing around some days. Of course I understand that all dogs need some exercise, but I've heard rotties might not need as much as some.

Whyam I interested in rotties? I do volunteer dog handling for the local SPCA, met a rott they had in the shelter and fell in love with her. At the time I couldn't adopt her (it was only a few months after my lab died of old age and I was still grieving), so she went to another good home. But now that a year has passed, I'm feeling ready to open my home again and my fond memories of this dog are drawing me towards the breed.

I also think they're beautiful. But I'm not going to adopt a dog that isn't a good fit for me. I did that once with my lab - and though this dog was the love of my heart, I want to make sure any future dog is a better fit.

Any advice?
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only you can answer that question.Some rottweilers love laying around others are always going some where.

You will know the right dog when you meet it,no matter what breed.

As far as adopting a rottie,,,my wife and I had a male rott for 9 1/2 years and we had to put him down on Jan 31st due to heart problems. We knew immediatly that we wanted another rott and started looking around for puppies. We couldnt find any around the area and I started calling around and got the phone number for wisconsin rottweiler rescue.We talked to the lady there and originally only wanted a male puppie. We started talking more and finally made an appointment to see the rescues. We drove the 118 miles to Madisn and met Joan, she showed us 4 or 5 dogs , found a couple we liked especially a 1 year old female who came out ,ran up to my wife and gave her a kiss,,,,thats all it took,,,shes a great little girl .
Take a look at the rescue dogs in your area and see if one clicks with you. Good luck in your search
I was unsure of my life style and Dallas, but she worked her way right in there. Lazy on my lazy days, and wide open on my wide open days. Ya sometimes we get our wires crossed, but it always works out for us. If you look around you might find one to fit you to. If You are still unsure look into other breeds. There are alot of get dogs out there in need of a home.

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Yeah like they said you won't know till you meet the right dog and when you do you'll click. I have two rotts one is a 4&1/2 year old male and he is a layabout but he canmove when he needs to believe me, now my female,on the other hand who is only 8 months old is very nosy and into everything. They are both excellent dogs and fit right in here with us, but then again we have children to work the energy out of Diamond. So it just goes to show that you'll never know till you look around. We are very happy with our rotts and if you decide to get one you probably will be too, but like they all said before me look around and which ever dog or breed youget, you'll know it when you find it.
Only you can make that desision ... However rotts are not like other dogs .... you dont just tie them to a tree and make sure they get a can of food .... They are loving animals that NEED attention ( there better then children ) ... Its like a life style ... If you want a loving loyal freind that will or is capable of looking out for you then yes get a rott .... To rescue one is very kind of you , and you would be rewarded ten fold ( i was ) ...So dont worry about being away at work we all work .....I tell my boy i am going to work and he is fine at the door waiting for me when i get home ..... If i just sneak out he howls and rearanges the house for me ..... But YES rescue a ROTT and you will never have any regrets ... If you know what your getting into .... And just remember ther not dogs there very powerful animals and with love and attention you have companion there to be proud of ..... The first rott i rescued i took from a girl thar for a month i saw him tied to a tree and never left that spot and she couldnt really afford to feed him properly So i knocked on her door and told her i wanted him ..... And the second i have now did come from a shelter ... And i am looking for a rescue for my elderly mother now she loves mine so much .....

I guess the moral of the story is .... YES addopt a ROTT ...
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Hi all and thanks for your comments.

You're right, I am looking to adopt an adult from a rescue or shelter. And my dogs are all house dogs who get tons of love and affection (hugs, kisses, snuggles, belly rubs, butt scratches, etc).

I'll just have to find one that is a mellow sort! I can hardly wait to meet my new friend!
Good luck in your search and of course I know I'm a little biased but I hope you do find a rottie that will fit your needs and you them.
If not and you get some other breed well at least you tryed.
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Keep us posted if you find a dog of any breed.

Rotts. are wonderful dogs if you treat them with respect and give them lots of love. I have one and he is so sweet you can cuddle with him. Right now we can't cause the pits next dog sttacked him andtook off his right ear. But other then that he's a great dog. I think a Rott. will be the perfect dog for you.
When the time is right I also would like to adopt another Rottie, preferably oneclose to my Rotties age. I am sototally sold on this breed of dog that I desire no other, (although I do care for them all), and she needs a companion when I am not around.

Moose is an amazing animal. All she wants to do is be by my side. I've never had a dog like this one before.

Would 2 female Rotties get along with each other?
it is better to have two dogs of you find same sex who get along great,but it's best to have a boy and a girl.
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