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I have typed male rottweiler on google but i struggle to find a photo of a rottweiler that looks like this dog (photo 1)dog dosent have that "rough" look as rottweilers usually have and it seems to have longer hair than the "typical" rottweiler?

if you look at this photo and the other photo then you probaply understand why i am confused

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I answered your question in another thread...but will repeat my answer. There are such things as Long Haired Rottweilers. They are not too common but it does happen. Good breeders use DNA now days to know if their breeding dogs carry the long hair gene. It is usually found now days in BYB produced dogs and they are often found in rescue or shelters. Just to a google search on 'long haired Rottweilers'. Lots of images will come up.

Are you planning on buying this dog? or adopting him? He may be a perfectly good dog...just not able to show or use for breeding.
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Here is picture of long coat.
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