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It's that time of year

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We got our Christmas tree today and got it all up. Oddly - we have acquired different strands of lights at different times, so there is a red light dominance lower on the tree and blue light on the top.

You may notice a Star Trek and Star Wars theme in the decorations!

Christmas tree Property Plant Window Building
Christmas tree Furniture Plant Window Christmas ornament
Christmas tree Plant Christmas ornament Picture frame Light
Christmas tree Photograph Christmas ornament Purple Light
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Vader approves of your Star Wars theme :D
I am honoured! Though, Toby did position the x-wing so that it's shooting down the tie fighter...
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Nice tree!! A real tree at that!! I think your tree looks very festive. :) Ours is a real "Charlie Brown" tree this year. Hubby cut it on our property...and it did not look that big in the field. Brought it home on the tractor...and it's a monster tree! He had to cut the top off, and the bottom...and now it looks kinda sparse in the middle. We are the same with lights...have added on and even ended up with some orange lights from Halloween...LOL
That's what Christmas is all and festive!:)
I grew up with plastic trees BBD but Toby's came from a real tree family and they're nicer I must admit. Better for the environment too. Before last year, we got small trees to go on the top of the wine fridge from the Caledon Bruce Trail fundraiser. But these are nicer trees (we got another floor one last year from this place) far fuller, and we were able to reserve it in mid-November to get yesterday as opposed to going out to Caledon and hoping there'd still be something there.

The place we got it was local, Toby had it delivered (he didn't want needles in the car again - this is big enough we could've had to strap it to the roof - in any event, while I thought we could pick up, I have learned to compromise on somethings). They pay a living wage, which also matters to us, especially as Toby works retail.

I'm sure your tree looks great! Would love to see a pic!

(You are lucky to have trees on your own property)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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