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I heard this today at work:

There was a burglar in a house working on removing a dvd player. the house was dark and quiet and the owners were away on vacation.

So, anyway the burglar was quietly removing the cables from the device, and he hears "Jesus is watching you!" He turns out his flashlight and quietly sits looking around the room. He thinks to him self, I must be hearing things....

So, he continues doing what he was doing and he hears "Jesus is watching you". Again, he turns off his flashlight and looks around the room for someone. He sees and hears no one and thinks to himself, man either someone is trying to tell me something or I really need a vacation!!!!!

This time he turns his flashlight back on a slowly scans the room for a person.He sees no one. Slowly he moves the light into a dark corner and sees a large parrot. He says to the bird "And I suppose you must be Jesus??"

"No", the bird answers, "My name is Moses."

The burglar responds back "What type of personnames a bird Moses?"

And the the bird answered back "The same type of person that names their Rottweiler Jesus!!"

I thought this was so cute.
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