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Keto Pet Diet

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I had posted the info on that Dog Cancer Series under Vet's corner but since it is all about the food, I figured this is the more appropriate place to continue what I learned.

In the 3rd lesson they tell about the type of diet the dog should be eating to prevent or cure the cancer. In the 4th lesson they give 5 most important supplements and then try to sell you the documentary series for 2-4 hundred dollars. Well, I had already gone to keto pet sanctuary and downloaded the e-book that had all the same info the series was telling me.

So the food plan is to feed the dog a low carb, paleo style, keto diet high in fat, moderate in protein and low in carbs. What the research showed was that sugar feeds cancer cells and to stop cancer from growing and kill off the cells you have to stop feeding them. The documentary had several success stories where people put their dog on the diet and cured the cancer. None of the dogs in the series were Rottweilers by the way.

A Recap of the entire series before I continue:

To reduce chances of your dog getting cancer:
1) eliminate chemicals in the environment.
don't put herbicides or pesticides on your lawn
don't use chemicals inside the house (not even air freshener) unless is is deemed safe
2) look at what you are feeding your dog and see how many carbs are in the food you currently use
for dry food: add up the guaranteed analysis % of protein, fat, fiber, ash (6% if ash not listed) subtract that number from 100% and the result is the % of carbs in the food
for wet food it is a bit more complicated: add up % of guaranteed analysis of protein, fat, fiber, ash and moisture. Subtract that number from 100%. Then convert wet to dry matter for accurate values because the water in the food should not be part of the percentage values.

Example: crude protein = 10%, crude fat = 4%, fiber = 1%, moisture = 80%, ash = 2%
10+4+1+80+2 = 97
100 - 97 = 3% carbs on wet matter basis
for conversion: moisture = 80% so dry = 20%
3% / .20 = 15% carbs

I know----you need to like to do math here.
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