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Killer bees swarm and kill 3 dogs in Arizona - one dog is clinging to life

Avondale, AZ - An unimaginable, unthinkable event shattered Teri Carpenter's world on Thursday evening. Her beloved Rottweilers, Colt, Luke, Ruby and Gabby, were viciously attacked by a swarm of killer bees that had been living under a shed on her rented property.

Bees that attacked en mass - filling her dogs' ears, mouths and eyes with their venomous, stinging bodies.

One dog, Ruby, had attempted to escape the bees by leaping into the swimming pool, but it was not enough to stop the ruthless attack. The other dogs simply ran - blinded by panic and pain - their bodies covered by the mass of stinging bees.

Teri sustained multiple stings on her face and arms as she attempted to save her dogs, but her wounds were minor in comparison to the horror the onslaught of bees inflicted on the helpless dogs.
Firefighters, armed with high-powered hoses, were eventually able to stop the brutal attack, but not before the swarming mass of bees had delivered stings so significant that the aggressive onslaught proved to be fatal.

The 4 dogs were immediately rushed to an emergency veterinary clinic. One of the 4 dogs coded in front of Teri's eyes. The next, Luke, died a short time later while Teri was discussing billing options at the front desk with the staff.

The third dog, Colt, suffered from a massive seizure and cardiac arrest - dying over the weekend. Three dogs dead as a result of the ruthless bee attack.

The fourth dog, 7 yr-old Ruby, is still fighting for her life. The bee venom has thinned her blood and she has been on IV's since Thursday.

Ruby's face and body are swollen from the stings - her urine is blood-filled and her red blood cells are damaged from the bee venom. Just today, Ruby required transfusions of plasma to help counteract both the blood loss, and the damage to her red blood cells. Ruby's heartbeat is irregular and her condition is precarious.

Teri is focusing all of her energy on Ruby - praying that the surviving dog will be strong enough to overcome the unbelievable trauma that her body has sustained.

Teri has a circle of friends and acquaintances that are assisting her through this terrible event. Teri is well-known to those in the Rottweiler world, as well as those in the dog-rescue world.

Tonita Fernandez, owner of the Pampered Paw Swim Spa in Enumclaw, WA befriended Teri a year ago. The 2 women are active in dog-rescue and passionate about the Rottweiler breed.

Tonita has stated that Teri Carpenter is not only a wonderful person, but a real gem to the rescue world. From now until June 30th, Tonita has offered to donate 50% of all K-9 swims at her facility, to Teri's ever increasing vet bill.

Loralee Johnson, President of the Grand Canyon Rottweiler Club, is helping to collect donations for the enormous medical expenses incurred at the Emergency Animal Clinic. Donations can be sent to the Grand Canyon State Rottweiler Club, 14223 W. Olive Ave., Waddell, AZ 85355 (indicate that the donation is for Teri Carpenter).

Concerned readers can donate directly to the Emergency Animal Clinic at 13034 W. Ranch Sante Fe Blvd., Suite 101, Avondale, AZ 85392 (623) 385-4555 (please indicate that the funds are for Teri Carpenter and the Rottweilers).

Tina Brown, another friend of Teri's, has established an emergency link at her website MT Pet Supply. A PayPal link can be accessed for concerned readers that are interested in making a donation for the vet expenses.

The medical expenses resulting from this horrible incident are staggering - according to Tonita Fernandez, the veterinary bill is already over $10,000.

The entire situation is devastating - anyone that adores their dogs can empathize with Teri. Losing 3 dogs and watching a fourth struggle to survive would be shattering. Facing the ever-mounting medical expenses on top of the emotional turmoil.....mind numbing.

Teri went to Arizona to further her nursing education. Her hope? To earn a better living so that she could help rescue more dogs. Instead, she is struggling to rescue her own dog, and to keep her head above water in the chaos that has followed her since Thursday night.

Teri moved to Arizona from Washington state. Until Thursday, she was unaware of the killer bee threat in the area. Though the hive that housed the attacking bees has been destroyed, she no longer wants to live in Arizona.

In the meantime, Teri is filling her minutes with the power of positive thinking and prayer - willing her surviving Rottweiler, Ruby, to live. She is hopeful that others will read her story and send a positive thought to Ruby and also, become aware of the threat that killer bee swarms pose to people and animals.

Please take a moment to post this article to your Facebook profile, Tweet, and email to friends and family. Any donations received will be greatly appreciated by Teri, as will any and all positive energy directed to the remaining survivor, Ruby.

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I can't even imagine the sadness in that household. We wonder why people become sort of paranoid about bees, well, this is why. Those poor dogs, may they rest in peace. One of my males got stung a last year and it was only a few stings his whole eye swelled shut and his face swelled up to twice it's normal size. I gave Benadryll ASAP and thankfully didn't have any issues other then some discomfort and grogginess for a few days. I hope Ruby can make it through this ordeal.

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Latest update is that Ruby is well enough to go HOME tomorrow!
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