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Looking to Rescue another Rottweiler

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Tampa bay Florida ( area ).... Hello
anyone out here in this area or
even remotley close ...... I have rescued
two Rotty's now and am seriously looking
for another to addopt or rescue ....
My first one died many years ago with
medical complications ... Right now i am living
with a wonderful boy who is almost three and i have had him
for 2+ years ..... I am looking to find another , Some of
you may have read my past posts where i spoak of a companion for
an elderly woman here .... Well now she
is trying to find one .... I finaly got
her NOT to just buy a puppy out
of the paper .... cause they dont know (remember ) what there
getting into with the teething & other puppy issues ... I am looking
for a dog around one y/o
male or female ..... I have checked the
LOCAL rescues and nothing yet ... I am looking
into the LOCAL shelters and spca's right now

Thought i would list here to
see if any one of you might know of
someone with a great pet that is
moving or for some reason needs to find a home
for there Rottwieler .....

" thanks " Warren & Sampson [email protected]

Its is not for me so a rott/shepard mix would be fine !


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think we found one down in
sarasota .... going tommorrow to see him
and if he gets along with my
rott then who knows ......

well i know i may have
to bail him out of jail .....

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Hey glad to hear you may have found one GOOD LUCK!!!!!
Warren if you want(or feel you need)papers on Sampson.Go to

You can regester spayed/neutered dogs with the akc.They will give you an ILP number.They will need pictures of him ,but he looks all Rottweiler so I do not see you haveing any problems.

People get this number if they want to show in AKC Obed trails,but I'm sure you could say you wanted to.If you really needed to have him papered go here not to the backyard breeders kennel club.

I thank you for the info ... ( as always
) .... But i think papers are
for breeders ..... No need for papers
when you have a newtered male ....
I mean i am not into showing
( for real ) like you guys
..... I just show him off .....
here and at the dog park
..... I thought i did BUT
the more i learn here and the
other sites NO need ..... like you
and missy said he is a
rottweiler and if anyone cant see
that then they probly couldnt read
the papers either ... LOL ..... " But
thank you "

As for my meeting at the humain socity
.... I thought it went well I got
along with him ( roxx ) after
a lil while he started to
play with Sampson .... But my MoM
didnt feel comfortable ...... So for
the best we left him .... I hated
to but .... Its not for me
.... And she has her heart set
on a younger Female .... I dont
know why .... I mean they are
all fixed ..... But it will
be her Rott ( after i train the both of them )

Maybe contacting that one in alabama
..... but she went to a pet
shop for a meet & greet this
weekend .... And it would be
selfish of me to want her
not to go to a good home
localy ...... but if they e-mail me
monday and she is still available
then who knows .... its Daria

she is so addorable .....

Well chat you laterZ ......
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OK people ,

Heres the update ..... Waiting for the home visit ..... Then i think she will be OURS ....

Had to go 500 miles to get the right one BUT hey you gotta do what you gotta do .....

Wish me LUCK !!!!!!

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Did you get her from Peggy?

Where every you got her from she sure is a cutie.

Thanks for keeping us updated.

Yes from Peggy .... just
waiting to get the home visit
( the last step of the addoption ) If approved ..... and then we will meet
somewhere around Tallahasee ......

Sure hope everthing works out OK .....


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Im sure they will.Peggy is a great lady,and has taken on a big jod by doing rescue.I admire her alot(and everyone who does rescue)

I don't rescue any more,but still help out organizations that do by donation my drawings for them to raffle off.

Thanks again for keeping us posted.

Thanks for sharing and she sure is a cutie hope everything goes right and she gets to be yours or should I say that the other way around get to be hers LOL. I'm sure she will be going home with you and I also commend those who do for those less fortunate whether it be animal or person so keep up the good work to all of you and you know who you are
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SHE'S OURS .......

just got the word from addopt a rott

can pick her up ASAP

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congratulations,,,she sure is a cutie. Sounds like she found a great forever home.
congratulations on your new baby. she is adoreable. i hope all goes
well with her. i agree with donna, she found a wonderful home. congrats
again and good luck.
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" THANKS " everybody .....

Cant wait till next week when i can
start adding pictures of her to my
web site ....

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