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Male or Female Rottweilers??

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Hi there,

My husband and I are buying a 7 wk. old puppy, but are torn between a Male or Female?? Any behavorial differences we should know about before deciding?

Thank you,

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if you have never owned a Rottweiler and you are starting out with a puppy a female is the best choice.

Iwould have to agree with Donna.Every female dog that i have owned has been easier to train and more obediant than the male dogs that i have owned.Its probably a testosterone thing. Happy puppy hunting there so cute. Tom

If they were going to adopt an adult then sex would not matter.

But puppy boys go thru a stage that needssomeone who can handle their out bursts.

I always evaluate the people that want a puppy and pick the best puppy for them.

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Our first puppy was a male and I'm glad we went with a male. He has not had any behavoral problems at all. I think that you have to make that choice. If you would rather a female or male.
There are benefits and consequences for either sex but yeah males are easier when older but females are easier when younger. But don't forget they aren't called bitches for no reason
If your not sure get one of each .....

you know " take two there small "

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Hi Erica, I'm with Donna, if this is the first time owning a Rottie your best bet is a girl. I've owned over the years8 Rotts , I started out with a girl ( I was a newbie to Rotts) and I'm glad I did! I now have 4 Rotties 2 boys 2 girls , and girls rule
but I wouldn't give my boys up for anything !!!....... Missy30 you hit the nail on the head about them........
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We have a 5 month old female, and she has been great. I have a 3 year old lil boy and we couldn't have asked for a better pet. She has been really easy to train and she is doing well with our every day busy life. She is so full of life. She can still melt our hearts just like the first time we saw her. Good luck
Thats scary

Me To

I have a rescued three y/o
male & just rescued a 5 moth old
lil girl

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I guess it all depends on your skill level.If you have owned dogs before and can handle the male when they have their little puppy tamtrums(without wrecking the puppy)then a boy.

If you have never owned a dog before then girls are better.

If you are looking into a rescue dog,then the sex does not matter(unless you are 95lbs soaking wet)then you don't want a big 140 lb dog that could pull you all over the place.(unless you have the knowledge to handle such a dog)

Always remember when you bring a new dog home .For the first three days,it's just a body(they are so cute and inocent)but after about three days they open up and the true puppy has arrived.Lucy I'm Home!!!!!!!

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I agree as well, that a Female Rottie for your first experience would be the best choice. They are so loving, and devoted. I have a 2 year old, that owns my heart. Unconditional love....

Rottie Lover
I like boys myself(as far as training goes)

They are laid back and much easyier to train.That is after their puppy tantrums.

Boy Donna, are you right I forgot what it was like to have a baby boy again, My last 5 have been girls and all have been sweet as pie to train but this little boy I got is a pistol
he's got into the tolit paper and taken it all off the roll, which I never had a dog do before .... if you try to wake him up from a nap he will growl at you like hey I'm sleeping here .....LOL then he'll lick you all over , he jumps at the door over and over again to see who's here or who's leaving , the leash has come out on that one ! can't having him jumping on people or my door........he's smart though he's learning fast of what is expected of him, and my little girl is along for the ride
this is the first time everI've had 2 litter mates and I think I'm in for a bumpie ride myself this time ............
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Yeah they can all melt our hearts but honestly you really just have to go with the one that pulls at your heart strings a little bit more than the rest and you'll know you got the right one. And with time, patience(a whole lot of that) lots of love and understanding AND MOST IMPORTANT.... TRAINING, you should do fine no matter what sex you do end up choosing.
dunno really.I have a male,my 1st one.He tends to run over the wife and the kid.does not listen to them at all.He tried that with me once and sence then no problems.It's kinda crazy but when I'm not happy with him he really knows it.You can actually see it how he acts.all in all i am very happy with how he is turnning out.He already knows how to sit and shake on command.I want to teach him more stuff.
make sure the puppy starts listening to everyone when he is young.What happens if when he is an adult he doesn't want to listen to them and he growls?If they are startled by the growl and back off he has one and they will never get it back.Start now when they can handle him.Try to get out as many bugs as you can when they are young.

I agree, work out the bugs as soon as you can, because they are stubborn and get set in their ways and it's much harder to brake a bad habit later.
I totally agree with that one if they think it's ok to run over anyone they will do it. they will get it their heads that they are higher up in the chain than they really are and it is really hard toi put them back in their place.
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