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Our beautiful, handsome, gentle boy Max, took his final journey over rainbow bridge on Tuesday 31st June.

Cancer is a vicious disease. It has no mercy on anyone. But our boy lived his best life in the 11 years he was on this earth. Cancer did not take his happiness. It did not take his memories or ours. It did not take his caring and loving nature. It took his life and we will miss him terribly.

We had the best last day with him in his favourite place and his favourite people. We went to the beach, he splashed in the sea, he cuddled on the grass and felt his paws in the sand, he was with his best friend (my 7 year old daughter Jessica), me and my ex partner (we shared custody).
He was so very happy. We skipped the medication for that day so he could remember the absolute joy he has when he is free.

It was amazing to see him standing in the sea, gazing out at the horizon and just taking in the wind on his face and the smell of the salty sea air.

He was Max again.
It was the best last day we could have given him. And I really feel he was truly greatful. For that day, and the lfie he had before it.

馃挋Sweet Dreams my beautiful boy馃挋


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I'm so sorry to hear that Max is gone. You have done the hardest thing, but the most kindest thing for Max. I'm glad that Max enjoyed a happy last day.
They never live long enough.....
RIP Max.

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Your story made me cry. Happy and sad. Max went out the way that proud dog should have. God bless you for his last day. Eleven years was a good life although in your heart, he should have lasted another eleven. Max will stay in your heart even when a new canine addition comes into your life.
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