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It's been just shy of two months since we lost Bee and my partner and I couldn't stand the empty house and leash-less walks any longer. While Bee was irreplaceable, we decided to adopt another adult female rottie in her honor.

Meet "Nya" who we are calling "Nya Papaya" because her body shape is similar to the large round fruit. We're already working with our vet on shedding a few pounds … she was 120lbs at adoption and should probably be closer to 100lbs! She is somewhere between 3 and 5 years old and still acts like a puppy with a ton of energy. A big change from our older girl. She was dropped at the shelter when her family moved into a smaller place because she "took up too much room and shed too much" 🙄 It's been about two weeks and she's already settling in and doing fantastic with basic training.

On the topic of adoption, if anyone who stumbles upon this post happens to be looking to adopt a rottie in New England, I can't say enough good things about For the Love of Dog Rottweiler and Pitbull Rescue in NH. While we ended up finding Nya through a smaller general rescue, we started our search with For the Love of Dog and I was very impressed with their application process, breed knowledge, foster program and thoughtful dog-human matching process.

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