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Well here it is
Memorial Day Weekend and nothing to
do ....

So Kitty ,

I guess I'll head up
there ... And a " Boaten " we will go ....

I'll be looking for ya
..... You can't
miss me ..

I'll be wearing my new Blue
swim suit and Cap .....

Look for me On shore ... I'll be " waving " you in .....

Keep an EYE out for me !!

???? Memorial Day
Weekend 2005

I'll start .....

Nothing working all weekend .....

So far the highlight is
my " new bathing suit " ...
" god help us " if
this is the best it gonna get


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Dan your bathing suit will be a hit on the river
it also matches the boat !!! good boy !!! Well we all went down to where I dock the boatyesterday and put the docks in the water then we partyeeeeed!! don't panick it's at a friends house ... It's about a mile away from my house T/G my car knows the way home.....
He has a great game room with a bar and a pool table and all that good stuff . We kicked off the season with steaks on the grill. By the way Dan you got on the wrong boat
mine won't be in till next week ....

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Sorry I forgot to post that part.I'll put it under Elwood.

I was going to put out an APB on you Missy.You had not been on the board for a while .I was starting to wonder if you were coming back.

Glad you had time to come back and play with us.


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yeah you know better rotty and I was sick and couldn't get out of bed Donna sorry.
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