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More of my furrbabies

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Here's an up close and personal head shot of Bud
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Here is their hmmm lil' kitty sister her name is Curiousity,

She is actually a month older than Diamond.
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Here is about the only up close pic I have of Diamond taken at the beginning of Jan.
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Just thought I'd share a few more pics with you all hope you enjoy
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Missy to cute ! Diamond looks like shes going to be a big girl . Don't you just love their faces
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yeah I do love their faces they make. I think she's gonna be bigger than Bud and thanks.
unfortunately I have bad news.....The pic of my kitty will be the last we get to take of her as she has gone on, hopefully waiting at the rainbow bridge with the rest. we think she was poisoned but not sure if it was deliberate or if she just got into something she shouldn't have.
Missy , so sorry to hear about your little Kitty
I know while she was here she was a loved cat !!!!
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Thanks for your kind words and yes she was loved.
I hope you find another
kitten ..... I always had a
kitty and a dog .... But when
Sampson was 6 months he run
the kitty off .... And to me
it was a loss .... But
we are ready to get another
..... now he is older ......
And i am sure you will ......
Its sad when they go that young

" good luck "

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yeah not only that young but preventable also unfortunately didn't know till it was too late. We found out what happened and it was really a tragedy because she didn't have to die but she got out one night and ran in the neighbor's yard and she had just had her lawn treated that day, Now so you know we never let her out but with two big dogs going in and out to go potty all day and she being as little as she was and quick as lightning she did manage to escape once in a while, I guess cause she thought she was a rott like Bud and Diamond she was supposed to be able to go out too, anyway sorry got a little side tracked there but any way she got in the neighbor's yard and of course as any other animal would do she was eating the grass that had just been treated and so now we know how she got poisoned, unintentionally but same effect none the less. So sadly she is gone for us for no good reason really. That is saddest part of all.
great pics Missy.Really sorry to hear about your cat.Johnny got himself into that popurie crap last year.I had to take him to the vet cuz I could tell he was sick.They at the vets office told me just to wash him up and he would be fine.I said NO you wash him and check him out and make sure he is ok.

The next day the vet called me and said Johnny's mouth and stomach were burnned badly.I said I dont care what it cost just fix him.Johnny came home the next day and made a full recovery.If something happened to Johnny I don't know how I would act.again sorry about your loss.
Great pic's Missy.

It's aways nice to see everyone elses babies too.Can't get enough of black and tan.

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