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Cute pup!

The hips of your dog won't be mature until 18-24 months, so during those months to take it easy on them physically and limit extreme activity. Those bones are held in the hip sockets with cartilage.

Many Rottweilers are allergic to chicken, so I would steer clear of chicken based foods. My dog has been raw fed since I got him at 8 weeks, and started out on whole, raw turkey with beef liver and supplements. Raw turkey has lots of bioavailable, natural glucosamine.

Couple things you can do in the meantime. Add a bit of organic certified kelp meal to whatever you're feeding; this is 25% minerals by volume and full of anti-inflammatories and polysaccarides. Add some fish oil to whatever you're feeding, as well as a bit of turmeric powder, which are also both anti-inflammatory substances. If you're feeding kibble, add in a glucosamine supplement.

There is a food allergy test called Five Strands that will be helpful in identifying potential food allergies / food inflammation.

As a rule of thumb, I avoid chemical de-wormers, flea medications, whatnot. Tito get's 1 teaspoon of dried, minced garlic in his ration each day, and this keeps flea pressure down. Fir Meadows D-Wormer every six months, augmented with bloodwork and stool samples to test parasite load and at the vet.

And, finally, you probably want to incorporate some CBD. 2mg per pound of body weight per day of CBD from whole plant hemp extract. If you find a food that agrees with your pup and supplement it, your dog will probably rebound quickly. Feel free to reach out directly, if you'd like to chat more.
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