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News about Fredricksburg

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Did any one read about the couple in Fredricksburg that owne 92 rotties? and how they want to obtain special permit to breed 250 pups? Are these people ligit? Are they the type of breeders that all of us have to worry about? Do you really think all of the dogs that they are breeding have been certified for hips,elbows and eyes? After being arrested for illlegal guns I tend to think there is a little more going on there than the dog buisness. I owne guns but a m203 gernade launcher I do not owne and could not owne legaly. What wherethey going to do with that clear a lane way through the woods to grandmas house? TomEdited by: Arcticcat
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There is a place like that in Kimberton,PA it's called Kimbertal Kennels they have a great pamplet they mail out and they sound like they are the best

They advertize how big the dogs are one male is 31 1/2 inches and 161 lbs.but they do not have hips,elbows or eyes done.

And there is a place in La Crosse WI that has 26 dogs now and wants to expand there breeding program.They are pig farmers and look at the dogs as nothing but income,They to have a great sales pitch.there dogs come from CH and OFA lines that means some where in the five generation there are one or two CH and dogs with OFA numbers.

People fall for this stuff and they keep pumping out the pups.

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Its just too sad that people can do this sort of thing and not feel responsible for what they have done. If everything is the way that people say it is then they will all get theres in the end
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Well people just dont think ...

I had a guy tell me last week " if that was my dog he would be hanging from a tree out back " Well i said " good thing he is not your dog "

This makes NO sence to me ..... Is there a reason that you would have your dog ( rott in my case ) have him bite into a tree branch and just hang there ????

IS THIS COOL ??? and i am just not gettin it ?

As long as *&^$#^
&%#$& people want this stuff there will be customers for those puppy mills ...

Maybe there is a need for tree hanging in some dog show i never seen before ......

ya ya thats it thats the ticket ......
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People like this scare the beejebbers out of me
are people that greedy that they don't care !do they just not think about what they are doing ?how can they sleep at night ? I think there should be large fines for these people who violate dogs as well as jail time ! and most of allinforced !!!!I don't believe thatour laws are what they should be for the good of animals, to protect them from people like this !!!! It just makes me so mad
ok ok now I'll get off my soap box ............
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Hey I was just reading that article through your link Donna and down at the bottom where they put the up to date articles there is one about a four year old that got killed by their rottweiler and of course the parents aren't talking it's sad, and you know they probably weren't watching their child or dog probably even left them alone together and then this happens and of course it will all start again with people saying oh look at the rottweilers their always in the news killing people aaaaaaggghhhh it just sickens me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have read articles on how dog breeding is strictly regulated in Europe, particularly in Germany, the ancestral home of OUR favourite breed, and I believe the US would do well to follow those standards accordingly!

....But .... nah ....that'll never happen!
I think why a lot of these breeders are in business is cause people don't do their homework. It's very easy now days to find out all you can about the breed you are looking for and the breeders. Investigate, investigate!!! Then investigate some more. Would probably solve a lot of problems.

Most people buy a dog cause they have to have it now.

I took years before getting my first one.I purchased every book I could get my hands on and then started looking for people who owned them.

Then Jorge fell into my lap,and it's been Rottweiler heaven ever since.
Has anyone seen my backyard lately ? I am COLLECTING !

Just to keep the peace I will take the picture down. BUT it isn't stealing if it was sent to me and I don't see any copyright on it
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If I remember correctly this is a birthday party.

Can't remember the kennel name,but there is a memeber here who will let you know all about it is she sees it and how it is stealing using the picture.

I love the picture of all the dogs running together.need to find out kennel name and send people there to look at it.
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