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Not a Brute!

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It makes me Really P*(&OFF when somebody who does not know or even have a clue makes a stupid statement. I have just recently brought a new member of the family home. He is about 3 months and named DOZER. We were a local Petco here in vegas, last weekend, buying food and toys. when a rather large lady with a rat with fur, walked by me and DOZER, he was in the cart. Her comment was this, "That is going to grow up to be a brute" I replyed that he was not being raised to be that way, and she did not know him. Her reply was that "The breed is mean and needs to be done away with"!

I lost my temper and told her in no uncertin terms that he was a better dog than her rat with fur and that dogs only act the way they are raised. She was advised to walk away because she was not gonna have to worry about the dog, it was the owner that was her major concern!

I refuse to allow some Fat Cow to tell me about my dog. Rottys the best breed, My opinion only, and I have owned other dogs, but I will not own another breed or type of dog. I will die trying to save him and there is a promise to take lots of folks with me when they try.

I think they have a bad rap and its up theowners to make sure that they are taken care of and not destroyed. at all costs!

Thanks for the read

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All I can say is, Get used to it. Unfortunatley people like this are all over the place. I have run into a couple of people like this, but for the most part most people who meet Brodie end up just loving him. Most are intimidated by his size,as he is almost 30in. at the withers which is well outside the standard height for a male, but after meeting him and seeing what a big mush he is they just love him up.Just do your best to make sure your pup becomes the best Rottie that he can be. Lots of socialization and training will allow you and Dozer to show those people what a Rottie is truely meant to be and not what is reported by the media. Although some will never change their mind, you'd be surprised at the number that will after they meet a well trained, friendly dog with an owner that is knowledgeable and willing to try to educate. Good luck with your boy.
Yeah, I hate thatnonsensealso.It's like, mydogmakes craps bigger than your dog; Why are you talking to me? It makes me sick, Rottweilers are the best dang dog ever, in my opinion, and I couldn't live with anything else. Their sheer essence alone is enough for a lifetime. I agree with you that I would die trying to save my dog and take everyone down with me, and should my dog die I will mourn and have an absolute fit like a person died. My girl sasha is my best friend and a constant companion, they are never mad at you, never don't like what you said or how you said it, and a $0.50 cent toy is the best thing in the world to them. she is there when nobody else is and will protect me till the end. You tell me what human can compare.
we get the same thing here withDally.The peopleacross the street are always tell me to put my dog in the house so they can let their kids come out to play. YetI have every kid on the block in my yard playing withDally. She plays off leash in my yard with me sitting there watching them. Dally is trained not to leave her yard. And has not except to run an other dog out her yard. (she ran it back to it's house and came right back to hers)
Yet their pit comes in my yard. And it does not like white people.
I have asked them to chain it or pin it, but she tells me he needs to run, and I let my dog out to run. (yes I do but mine does not leave her yard)Most any one we talk to tells us there is nothing we can do till thier dog bites.
Yet I am being told I need to take my Dally in the house and she has never left the yard but 1 time. Now when I leave to go to work I have to leave her kenneled with a thick chain on the door and a padlock to make sure she is still here when i leave.

Shell & Dally
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it is to bad that because of what the media has made them out to be you only hear the bad story's or of dog attatcks by pitbulls or rotties i mean other dogs bite people theyare just to pig headed to want to hear about ther lap dog or lab even thinking about hurting anyone... this topic has hounded me for months i moved into a town in which a few months after banned the breed from further being alowwed in town......for no reason at all and no reported dog bites i am not allowed to own another rottie in town..... so when i walk my dog down the street people grab for there kids to make them safe as if chance was goign to attack at the first site of another human ( like get a grip) they will walk by my house and jump back as he comes running to the fence to great them with his big goofy look on his face wanting to play.. i don't think this will ever go away peopel have to take time to realize that it is how the animal is raised.. they are the same as people just because one human shoots and kills others doesn't mean all humans do i will fight this issue probally till the end and i will bring another rotti into town i mean i have right to !
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It also makes me very upset when I hear that. I have only ever known one mean Rottie. All the others I have known have been the sweetest, most loving dogs. They love children and make the best bed warmers
. My boy Magnus has gotten a bad rep in the last two neighborhoods I've lived in, because he has a tendency to guard "his" territory, so he jumps at people who walk past the fence. This makes people think he is mean, when he is just a big hearted furball.
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As long as stuipd people own this breed and do not socialize them we will always have this problem.

I've owned Rottweilers for 15 years now.People who see me at a show now know that the Rottweiler I'm holding will not bite them or their dog,but it took years of people looking at my dogsas if they were going to kill them,and me being persistant to get them to except my dogs.

Educate these people show them how geart the breed is.Take them where ever you can and let them see the good side to this breed.

I can't stand the stereotype either. You never hear the good but always the bad. That does not help with the opinions of our dogs. My mother had some what of a stereotypical opinion of the dogs until I got mine and now she has the opposite opinion. She is actually thinking of gettin a rotti after having golden retreivers for

I plan on fighting the laws that are being put in place. Owners are the problem not the dog..however we cannot forget that there has been a wide spread inbreeding of dogs such as pits which mak ethem mentally unstable no matter what their upbringing. I do believe that most pitbulls now are mentally unstable so regulations and stiffer laws and bans must be put in place for a few years till we can clean the breed up ..make it pure again. I am not talkin about rottis just pits. In my city (near toronto) the only people I see own pits are young guys who are wanting weapons, protection and to look and own the scariest breed of dog out there.

What we need to do I believe is screen owners of dogs b4 selling them..make thePEOPLE have regulations NOT the dogs. Ban BAD OWNERS and watch how fast the bad dog reps die down.

hey 4rotties, where are you from? where did they ban rotties?
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I Judged a show last weekend and the most I gotlicked in the face is when I Judged Pits.They are a great breed.

Breeds go bad because everyone who has a dog feels compled to breed and sell or give away these pups who are breed without thought to bettering the breed.Each breed has a standard that Good breeders athear to.We do not breed just to have puppys.We check hips,elbows,eyes,heart,thyriod,and blood work.We also sell on contracts.If more people would think of what they were doing before they had a litter(any breed) there would not be so many in shelters or rescues.

Pets should be spayed and neutered.

Well the one thing we must not forget donna, you are talking about "Breeders" and I am talkin about the pitbull attaks by backyard breeders and dogs bred to fight. The stuff we see here almost every week now in the news.Thats what needs to be stopped. Unfortunatly the fact remains that the have been inbred for years now..specifically by these backyard breeders to fight or be viscous enough tostart a fight in the park for the young kid owner who thinks its cool)its happened to my dog).. As well as taking a fighting dog whos parents were cousins or brothers and sisters is just unsafe.The breed needs to be cleaned in a way where only proper breeders may sell the dogs and the ones who own them must follow and fullfill regulations. Its too bad that everyome who breeds pits are not following standard. They have a buddy's dog that looks cool..and another buddy says breed they do. The two end up related..causing possile mental instability. I love all dogs and hope to see the breed cleaned up. We really need to set the laws stright and set rules for owners..people caught breeding them without permits etc...

I could go on forhours..but Im tired..night all:)Edited by: Sarge0515
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It's the same with Rottweilers.I could go on for hours about how pets are being bred and the way the breed is being recked,because someone has a nice pet they want a puppy out of.

You could not ban one breed with out it affecting all breeds,or blame bad breeding on one group of people.People need to think about what they are doing .then maybe all the breeds would start to improve(health and temperment wize)

Agreed Donna..but how can we regulate the young or old IDIOTS who don;'t breed with standards or regulations in mind? Answer is we can't. Please do not misunderstand me, I do not think putbulls should be banned. Pitts now should be ALWAYS muzzeled to start, and the owners made responsible for the dogs actions. As well as making stiff legislation that prohibits certain people who do not meet standards to own them. Right now anyone can own any dog...bottom line..but to breed with papers u must be certified..well lets flip it..lets make the owners be certified as well. Maybe manidtory dog training and owner training..with proof of such.Just a thought.

As far as inbreeding goes...I do not agree they are even HALF as dirty as pitts..and that is speaking from personal experiance...rotts have been cleaned up alot since the a** holes who fight them realized they are no match for a crazed pit on roids.Oncerots became 2nd best toughest fighting dog..the inbreeding died down and that has been for years now.So as far as I am concerned pitts are still a dirty breed that must be cleaned and controlled. Once the fighting and "fad" of having a tough pitbull is over ...only then the breed will be cleaner. So for the meantime rules and reg's for OWNERS are the only answer. Any young guy walkinghis crazy pit down the street will make sure his dog is muzzled or under control if he knows he will go to jail or lose his dog an d get a HUUUGE more 100 fines or BS like that. I mean a HUGE fine.
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Again you can not treat one breed this way with it overflowing on to other dangerouse breeds(which would include Rottweilers)

You can not regulate people like that since this is the land of the free.To do what ever we want,dogs are just property and you can not regulate what we do with our property.

I believe everyone should be made to spay/neuter their pets or pay a fee of 100.00 or more a year to keep dogs intact,and be charged for every litter you breed.This is a dream world.So all you can do is edjucate the people you feel need it and not blame them for being stupid.They do what they do because they were brought up to believe it is right.

I am sick of the comments too. My Clyde is like a giant teddy bear. but people are such jerks. I had acairn terrior when I was a teen and SHE was the meanest, nasteyest little bitch on the planet. but people are always like oh what a little doll whrn they see little dogs.

I don't care what thewy say. I love my baby.
Donna...we do have the right to feel safe walking in the park..therefor regulations such as manditory muzzles and shots are not asking too much. It would really help with the bad rep the dogs have. In a dream world all dogs would be perfect and they are not.We must accept the fact that pitts moreso than rotts have been inbred for years.

I would have to disagree with the fact we should generalize how we treat dogs.Every dog and breed is would not see a golden retreiver attacking humans and other dogs with the same mindless viciousness of a pitt. They would certainly not do it out of instinct to fight...they just aren;t those type of dogs. Don;t get me wrong EVERY dog will or may bite but I believe we should treat pitts for what they overly aggressive and dirty breed. I think there is probably stats that prove pitts are more mentally unstable then any dog due to inbreeding over many years. However Donna you may be right, it may spill over to any big,or bad rep breed such as a rott or bull mastif..etc..but how bad could it be to have shots muzzels and regulations instead of bites deaths and banning of a beautiful breed(pitt)
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Once you go to manditory muzzles then it's one step closer to BSL.BSL does not work .There are no Bad Breeds only bad owners.

There are states out there trying to ban the breeding of dogs all together(except puppy mills)or ban the breeding of dogs over a certain size,no more tail or ear docking.If these things pass it will be a sad day for dogs.

That sounds a little over board. I am sure raising fines,muzzling ALL dogs and stiffer regulations/fines would work for the time being. Think of liek EVERY car havin airbags or seat belts...It can only help. I do not believe these things will lead to BSL..if fact i think It will have a graet effect onthe publics eyes and will hlp us STOP this banning crap. Unfortunalty Donna, it sounds as if uhave seen alot of dogs but not the kind I am speaking of. The avg everyday owners of pitts in the city andburbsare irresponsible young(black/white) males who are tryin to act and look tough.They get them for weapons and protection and to win dog fights. Now you tell me how many young irrespnsible males have enough money to support or even think of owning a dog , when we raise the laws,rules,fines,regulations...etc... Half of them prob coundlt afford the muzzle. Also, do u not think that havin these laws would also protect aLOT of these pitts..who are abused,left in terrible conditions and neglected...forced to become insane. Bottom line the laws now are not working...and I would not mind payin a little extra for my dog to keep us all safe (including pitts) and healthy.

I think we all agree that its the owners resonsibility but sometime with the pittbull breed you cannot control what their mind is doing(due to years of inbreeding). muzzles will protect from the inbred minds that are unstable...if they want them off muzzle then take them to their own private yard where no one can be hurt.

Well I am researching stats, and tryin to learn more about these laws and how to fix them. Thank fully My family has alot of friends high up in gov't where
If I do things right I may be able to actually change laws and stop the banning in ontario at least..if not Canada. It is gonna take a strong effort from all of us. Hopefully our goals will be achieved...i do know Donna that you are a wonderful dog lover and I think you are great and a wealth of knowledge...thank you for your input and please do not think I an being confrontational... I just really feel strongly about this subject.

Hey here is a thought ..lets make owning a dog a privlage like driving..instead of a right. Think that would help?? Licences for owners and fees...yearly checkups and reg''s to abide by..just liek getting a plate sticker for your car and insurance...hmmm I may be on to something What do you all think?

Edited by: Sarge0515
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I've seen the good and bad side of alot of breeds.I've lived in big cites and smallcountry towns .

I have friends inalot of different rescues and see first hand what kind of dogs they are getting .

Breed baning is a bit much,and I do think owning a dog (any breed)is a privlage I don't want anyone telling me how to raise my Breed.What if we could not do SchH work with are dogs? Some people on some lists think that the sport is bad.I don't train in SchH,but I admire the people who do.I like knowing I can train in it if I want.I do Obed,Agility,Rally, we are taking up tracking this year and maybe herding.Someone somewhere does not believe in one of these sports.and could oppose it at any time.

I see your point about the breed where you live,but it can'not happen to one without spilling over to others.

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True...and I am glad you enojy all those types of sports for dogs. I would not like any breed banned please understand. A 2hour maditory course on do and don;ts of each breed..a muzzle, and shots are not asking too much. It willalso help every dog owner understand wut theiir dogs are capable of.Raising fines will make owners more aware I believe as well as stiffer rules poss jail on the type of attacks.

I hope the rules spread to all dogs as well..that is my point. All dog owners should treat it as a privlage not jus a household item they can buy or aquire with no thought to consequences or responsibilities.

As far as his Schz training...I will only do it if he has fun, if not he will try other sports till heis happy. Maybe he won;t like any but for now he seems to absolutly love the schz training as it has tracking,protection,and obed in it. He loves to nip a tmy sleeves when i coem home and play with me that this gives him a real sleeve he can bite fully and its

Whats rally donna??? not sure I have heard of it.
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Rally is new this year.It's the next step after the CGC it's like Obed but you can talk to your dog.

You follow signs on the floor,do what they say and go on to the next.

You can find out more on the akc web site.

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