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So, just the other day I was out walking my beloved Harley across the green fields of Yorkshire. As wr often do on our way home we pass through a playing field which is frequented by other dog walkers. Now, on this particularly lovely day. Harley was up ahead of me having a sniff and a mooch, as she is wanton to do on occasion, especially when she's off lead. We had just entered the playing park when I'd noticed a young couple (early 20's) with their cockerpoo type dog about 70-80 meters ahead of me, so being corteous I stopped harley and put her on lead. Mainly because Harley (being 1yo) is still in training.

Now, this is where things start getting a little odd! The you couple I mentioned, with the cockerpoo type dog! They were the only ones on the park at the time. They look over at me and Harley, nothing odd about that, they put their dog on lead, nothing odd about that either! They pick up their dog and climb onto the climbing frame!!! Now because we hed to pass these people to get home and this little cockerpoo wad yapping away Harley had some interest in this lil fella being held atop this climbing frame, as did I to be honest.

So me being me. I had ask what they were doing up a climbing frame with a small dog! The following is a true and accurate account of the conversation.

Me-Hi, you ok?

Numpties-Yeah thanks!

Me-Erm..... What you doing?

Numpties-Well he gets scared around big dogs, and well we saw your rottweiler and got worried!

Me-Awww, she's fine, she's still a pup! She's only 1.

Numpties-Ok. But still!

Me-Question, are you up there cos your dogs scared, or are you up there cos your scared?

Numpties-No he's scared of big dogs, that's whay he's barking alot!

Me-He's not scared!


Me-Yeah, i'll keep Harley on lead, get down and put him down, on lead though!


(Numpties climb down and put dog on floor! Dog saunters up to Harley and had a sniff. Then dog assumes th play with me position!

Me-He wants to play.

Numpties Oh, we never knew!

Me- Face palm!!!!

Oh my goid giddy god! I have never in all my days seen anything quite like that!

Just another tale of a dog owner with no clue!

This is Harley, a truly terrifying beast! 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
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