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Well a nurse I'm NOT ....
But i did get my boy back
to health ....

I took him last week
when we got the rescue female ..... So
they were ( they being animal services
) giving shots for a
dollar ..... Well I just
happen to have a few dollars
SO i signs him up .....

For 3 - 4 days after
he is ill .... not even
wanting to eat move or
anything .... I feel real
bad now ...... should i have
got him his shots or not ?

I dont want him being sick .......

Like I said I'm NOT a
nurse or a good mother so
whats a guy to do ???

Remembering my grandmother
....... Right off i cooked
him a chicken ... Made him
some scrambled eggs ..... The ginger
ale i had to let go
flat ( he didnt like the bubbles
) on his nose ....

I hope this isnt gonna be
everytime its shot time .... A
freind of mine has to leave
her boy behind when he gets
a shot ...... But i dont
think they could keep an eye
on my boy better then me ....

Does anybody else have
problems at shot time ....
And again i am assuming it
was the shots ..... It was
to get his new licence ( those
shots ) .......

Oh yeah by the way
...... He is back to him ole
self again ...... not sure (
must of been the ginger ale )
...... tryed to take his
temp but he wouldnt hold
it under his tounge long enough

And now i have the snifles
starting to get a cold .......
And he wont even come in
the same room .......

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Dan , did you call the vet? duh what am I thinking it was a holiday weekend .....of couse thats when it always happens...... I've never had a problems with shots T/G what shots did he get? you need to put some of that chicken in a pot foryour sniffles
with lots of garlic

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You only need to get a Rabies shot for a licence.You do not need to give the 7 in one every yearThey are doing new studies and finding out we are over doing our pets with shots.I do the 7 in one every three years and you can get the shots at fleet farm for 3 dollars and do it your self.Or you can buy them on line thru some pet product companys.

Glad to hear he is doing good now.Some dogs are not them selves after shots,It could be for one or the combination of the two shots at the same time.


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Yeah 3 years .... that would
be now as i have had
him for over 2 1/2 years ...

So i have to do rabies
every year ???? ( one shot )
and i can do the 7 shot
every three ?

that should be easy to
remember as they have 3 year
licences here now .....

cool thanks .....

yeah he is
better now got that whole
cold wet nose thing back and
eating eating eating ......

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The rabies shotgoes like this.

1st time at 6 months.Then a year from that and then every 3 years.

The other shot(parvo,distemper) is supose to be every year,but I do mine every three years also.

Sometimes tho it's best not to over load the dog with both shots on the same day.

Do it about a month apart.


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Yeah what she says their Dan! Glad to hear he's back to his happy old self again.

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We have to do rabies every year here. Both of mine are do to go in this month. The others I do once a year, but if once every 3 years is better on those I will try that.

Glad to know your boy is doing better.


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Oh Donnnna , here is a good question for you since you're doin' so good with this shots advice and all...

My vet had told me it's best to get the parvo shot twice a year due to
the rottweiler breed being more prone to getting parvo , what's your
imput on this ? Because he's also raised rottis and he's done this to
his dogs but he also lives infront of his vet clinic and has sick dogs
on his property a lot also. My furbabies are due for their rabies
and boosters again at the end of September (had to call to make sure
the other day due to their files being mixed up with others when we
moved) and I want to be sure that I am not over-doing things for my
dogs. They both did fine without getting sick from the shots the first time ...

Also you made a comment about getting the 7 in 1 from a pet supply
place , do you have to have any sort of license to buy them ? And do
you have to buy the syringe (sp) somewhere else or would they also
carry them as well ?


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Your dog does not need all them shots.They have tests you can do called titers(not sure about the spelling of it)but it lets you know what your dogs immune system is low on,I will try to find a site on it and post it.

For the seven in one you don't need a licence and they sell syringes and all.the best place to get them is a farm goods store in the refrigeration section.You can give your dogs shots but not anyone elses dog(or you are precticing avet)

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