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Pets on the blacklist

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Hi my name is Clair and I realize that some may feel like I don't belong on this site but I feel like more dog owners should be aware of what is happening. I own American Pit Bull Terriers, they along with Rottweilers are listed at the top of the blacklist of breeds. Recently in LA. a 70 year old man and his son were arrested on dogfighting charges. Arrested on a Friday when all court systems are off work. The LASPCA murdered over 50 of his dogs. The man has not even been to court yet. Something to read and think about. Could the Rottweiler be next, then what breed. I know that a Rottweiler is not used for fighting, but they are right there on the top of the dog bite list.
The following was an email response to Laura of the LASPCA, the butcher who murdered Floyd and Guy Boudreaux's dogs. While I realize that my words can do little, maybe we can all put our differences aside and stand behind the APBT.

Subject: Concerning your mistreatment of Mr. Boudreaux and his animals...
To: [email protected]

To Laura of the LASPCA:

I am writing you in reference to the recent arrest of Mr. Floyd Boudreaux and his son, and of the subsequent euthanasia of their animals. As an American, I am absolutely disgusted by your reckless actions, not only because of the genocide that you have waged on the world's most courageous breed of dog, but also at your apparent disregard for legal due process. I have relatives who have fought and died for the rights we as American citizens are supposed to have, and I become enraged when people like yourself ignore those rights without any shame whatsoever. I am an avid reader and studier of World War II, and I must say that the actions of the SPCA, as well as the other "humaniac" groups, can be only compared to the actions of the Nazis themselves. Let me make a few points to you to defend my claims.

1. Similar to the Nazis, the SPCA and other "humaniac" groups use genocide, blatant murder, as their main weapon for accomplishing their goals. I watched the news video of Mr. Boudreaux's animals being taken from the property, and I must say my heart sank as I saw healthy dogs wagging their tails as they were unknowingly being marched off to their demise. I didn't see bloodthirsty dangerous animals, instead I saw helpless Jews being herded off by Nazis to the gas chamber. I realize my analogy is harsh, but not nearly as harsh as your murdering over fifty innocent APBTs. I have owned and bred American Pit bull terriers (I do not own any currently), so I know first hand that very few of these animals are dangerous to people. Even if it is to be proved that these specific animals were bred for fighting purposes, that has no relationship to their human aggression whatsoever. Do we condemn Rat Terriers for pursuing rats? Absolutely not. Should we condemn APBTs for being dog aggressive? Absolutely not. Mr. Boudreaux's dogs were properly restrained, and thus posed no threat of any kind to other animals or to humans. The only aggression I see here is your organization murdering over fifty healthy animals.

2. Similar to the Nazis, the SPCA and other "humaniac" groups use propaganda to blur the line between reality and fiction, and thus further their cause. I read in the news article regarding Mr. Boudreaux that because he owned a k-9 treadmill, that is proof of him fighting dogs. I have shown many dogs in ADBA sanctioned shows, and I can personally vouch that utilizing a treadmill is an excellent and efficient means of bringing a dog into show form. I have used a treadmill to shape two ADBA conformation champions. Mills are incredibly useful during bad weather or when time is short for working. I also found it amusing that the mill that Floyd owned was an antique and apparently had cob webs and rust on it, obviously because it had not been used for many years. Yet the SPCA, teaming with a money hungry media who sell hysteria much like drug dealers sell heroine, takes this bit of information and twists it into a completely fictional reality. Your propaganda is nauseating to me, because as a former owner of this breed, I know for a fact that you are dead wrong. If I own a pistol (which has NO other purpose than for killing humans), am I to be convicted as a murderer? Yet because Mr. Boudreaux owned a treadmill (which has many legal purposes), he is labeled a dog fighter. That is the "logic" that your propaganda would have the public believe.

3. Similar to the Nazis, the SPCA and other "humaniac" groups ignore the rights of the state and institute their own set of laws to further their interests. How can Mr. Boudreaux possibly get a fair trial when your organization has already destroyed the evidence? How can a jury make an informed decision if they cannot see these animals first hand? The answer is simply that Mr. Boudreaux can no longer have a fair trial, and the jury can never make an informed decision in this case. I am quite sure that this was your intention, because after all, what might happen if the jury is introduced to over fifty beautiful and friendly dogs? What might happen if they pet those animals, and see them for the first time without the influence of the media hype and your senseless propaganda slanting reality? I think we both know the answer. Your organization (and you as an individual) have no respect for the legal system. Your arrogance about your own power lead you to disgrace a system of law that is supposed to belong to all American citizens. Where is the justice in a legal system where only you make the rules?

4. Similar to the Nazis, the SPCA and the other "humaniac" groups constantly show their own ignorance as they pursue their cause. The Nazis believed in creating the super race, and displayed ignorance as they persecuted the people who didn't fit in with their plan (Jews, gypsies, etc.). Had the Nazis embraced and utilized the strengths of those people (as scientists, as doctors, as soldiers, etc.) they may have in fact triumphed in their cause. Their ignorance was their downfall, and I am always shocked every time I read more about it. Similarly, I am always shocked at the SPCA's lack of understanding of the APBT. For example, your organization considers a "fighting dog" to be a danger to society. This idea is purely ignorant. Why don't APB Ts rank highest on the bite list? Why do they score so highly in obedience training? Why do they make such loyal and trustworthy companions? Why? Because they ARE NOT BRED FOR HUMAN AGGRESSION (even if they ARE bred for dogfighting), thus, a human aggressive APBT is the exception, not the rule. Your organization also considers a breaking stick as being "dog fighting paraphernalia". The ignorance of this ideal is embarrassing. Using parting stick is in fact the most effective and humane method for separating dogs from each other should they happen to get into a fight (NO MATTER WHAT BREED THEY ARE!!!!). You organization claims that its purpose is to protect animals and keep them safe from harm, yet you don't even know how to separate animals in a humane fashion. Instead, your ignorance proceeds to the next level: murdering as many innocent APBTs as possible, as quickly as possible, instead of embracing the breed for its many noble qualities. Your ignorance is astounding, and I can only hope that, like the Nazis, it will some day be your downfall.

In conclusion, as an American, I am disgusted by the actions of your organization. I must admit, I am also fearful of your actions, as I can only compare them to those of the Nazis. I honestly do not understand how you people can look at yourselves in the mirror. Not only do you persecute Americans as you trample the legal system which is designed to protect the rights of all citizens, you commit senseless and barbaric atrocities against a noble breed of dog that is widely misunderstood (especially by the SPCA). Your organization is supposed to protect animals, and yet your main weapon in the pursuit of the illegal act of dogfighting is to murder as MANY animals as possible, when any logical human being can see that the dogs are the innocent ones. Your hypocrisy knows no bounds. The dogs have committed no crimes, and Floyd and Guy Boudreaux are being denied their right to a fair trial. I do not consider the actions of the LASPCA to be legal nor humane. I urge the Boudreaux family to file a countersuit to address your crimes, and I hope that justice is served.

A Persecuted American Citizen
Anyone who has a family member with 4 legs should go to the petitiononline addy above and sign. I am not the author of the letter it was posted on one of the message boards that I visit, I just felt like it was a very well written piece. Best of luck always with the breed that you love.
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We all are working towards keeping are pets and are willing to help when ever we are needed.It can happen to any breed at any time.

Thanks for the post

his dogs .... You are a sh*tbull owner
and you think this is ok ......

You must fight your dogs too ....

Anyone that fights dogs is a
(&%@##%&^# and is not helping
the cause .....


Edited by: barcurdan
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Sorry Warren I really didn't read her post.Just thought she was here to help.

The local ASPCA's do not have the timeor fasility's to keep every animal that they get in.If I where to take dogs from a dog fighter I would have to think that they were also fighting dogs and distroy them all also.That is the only thing that they could do .

Again it is not the dogs fault,but the stupid people that owned them.If they did fight Rottweilers and they found a whole kennel full of them.I would hope that they distroy all the dogs for the safty of the dogs and the people who might adopt one.

This person who wrote this should not think that the ASPCS is any where near the Nazis.

We will help on this list if it is about legilation to band stupid people from owning dogs and turning them bad.

There are no bad dogs just bad owner who make them what they are.

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Its just stupid and
personaly i think she should have
stopped at her first sentence .....

I have NO use for pitt bulls
or dobermans ..... This is not their
fault it is the people that owned
them when i was introdused to
the breed ...

All you here is about them
eating the ears off a Rott. ( recently
posted ) or mauling a child ....

I know its not the DOGS fault
.... Its the way it was
trained or NOT trained ....

But if someone is fighting
dogs then they should be put
behind bars ... And unfortunatly for
the DOG should be put down
... I have had my share
of kiddnapping dogs form death
because they had bitten too many
people ....

I did alot as far back
as 1985 for laws protecting ( domestic
) animals .... before then there
were no laws just beast of
burden laws .... yeah steal a
horse go to jail kill a
dog NOTHING ...

Well I just hate people that
FIGHT dogs ..... And theres
nothing you can do with that
dog when he is done ...

Maybe i am just a lil
predgidest I have a ROTT or
two and there the best dogs
you can have ..... But thats
still no excuse for stupidity
..... Its like breeding puppies for
gods sakes ... I wish someone would
turn there pitt loose on me
or mine ....

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There are no bad dogs just bad owner who make them what they are. What Donna said, I agree. The point to my post was that it is not the dogs fault, so why should the dogs pay with their lives. Something a lot of folks don't understand about the Pit bull breed is that even a champion fighting dog is not a human aggressive dog. They can't be otherwise you would not be able to handle them. I do not condone dogfighting, nor do I condone the murder of mans best friend.
APBT canand are nice dogs when they are pets and treated with love.

These dogs were not pets and probly never reall knew what love was.They were kenneled out side and trained to fight.A CH fighting dog there is no such thing.Dogs should not be faught.once they are there is no recourse then to distroy this animal.They do not need to be dog aggressive.

I have been to shows where you have up to 20pits standing in the same room and they don't bother any one or any dog.Like you said Warren it's the owner who made them this way,Maybe they shouldput the owner to sleep.

DonnaEdited by: rutylr
Well i dont see that happening ...

Just boils my blood when
i hear of such disregard for
whats right ....

I may not know this person
or there dogs ..... Just I
personaly am breaking my back to
keep my PETS ....

Like i said i started back
in 85 to help the domestic
animal ( & no i am not a
tree hugging owl kisser either )
just that there helpless and
at the mercy of US .....

So everyone here is here for
a reason and i hope someone
can HELP where my hands are tied

" good luck "

my bussiness at hand is to
keep ROTTWIELERS from being BANNED
here in Pinelas County ....

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This post starts out saying pets.The dogs that this person is talking about clearly are not pets.

barcurdan, best of luck on the fight to keep your beloved Rottweilers from being banned in Pinelas County.
There are a lot of good people out there that are responsible APBT owners and we know what you are going through. Best wishes
I have friends that have Rottweilers, I like them, just to big of a doggie for me.
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As an owner of both a Rottie and an APBT I sometimes feel tremendous pressure when in public with my pets even though they are both incredibly well trained and very social animals.

I firmly belive that no dog should ever be fought and consider it to be abuse. It isunfortunate that people have such small lives that they have to find their own strength and character in a figting dog. They should be thrown under the jail.

The point I would like to make is this- it is THESE PEOPLE who have dogs because of the bully prestige and power of a certain breed that will eventually make it impossible to own a Rottie or APBT in many areas of the US.

If the rest of us - the responsible dog owners, trainers and breeders don't find a united front quickly - and make our voicesheard VERY LOUDLY, at all levels of government we will surely someday lose the animals we love.

And that will certainly be a very, very sad day.
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I also have a pitty and a rotti and they get along better then I get along with most people! I don't believe these dogs are deserving of the term "shit bulls", you should not refer to them as this because it is what people do to rotti's as well and all dogs are products of owners and enviroment, you are just as bad as the people banning them by saying that. I DO AGREE anyone who dog fights is doing something that is cruel and should dog fighting is a major problem with Pitts, but you can not blame the breed. I also live in Ontario where they are banned, and whats stopping them from the rotti, they had more bite incidents then pitts.

All BSL is wrong. Laws are for People not animals. My dog will suffer because of this, and I won't feel a thing. Well besides the anger and frusteration with Ontario. Its just a hot topic for me and to say shit bull is just not what I would expect a rotti owner to say, when both breeds are under the same watch.
i am personally totally against dogfighting- NO MATTER WHAT BREED IT
IS. i think it is cruel and inhumane. people who train there dogs to
fight need to be prosecuted. unfortunately the animal is the one that
loses in all aspects. a dog that has been raised to fight 9 times out
of 10 has to be euthanized. i think this is totally unfair to an animal
that has not known any better. this is not the animals fault it is the
idiot that raised them this way.

for people that own rotts pits dobermans and other large dogs how long
will it be before they totally ban the breeds many of us have either
grown up with or come to love????? legislation needs to look at the
people that raise these dogs and punish them not the animal owners that
love and care about their animals and are NOT vicious dogs.
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I too am against dog fighting. I personaly think the the polititionsshould make laws to euthanise the rotten people that fight dogs.Its not the dogs fault that they are doing what they are trained to do its the trainers fault. Ifeel no remorse for people like that
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