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Ok I did it !!! the first pic is my Zeus and Kitty the second is my bad Rhea , I have to look for a pic of Apollo
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OMG so cute...Finally getting your pics up..yay..

Now your doggies are famous...LOL
Rhea looks to be a lot of fun full of energy I would bet. Very nnice rotties
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Yes finally ... I got some new shots of them today all of them ..... I hope to put them up soon......the pic of Rhea is at Xmas time she is 6 months old now and alot bigger , she is my rubber ducky
thats what the kids call her cause when you pet her she melts , where ever she is she justs go's down , and with that snout of hers it's so square it reminds you of a ducks bill !! so hense rubber ducky ! she is the bad one of the two, well now that is ........ I'm sure the tail will turn as time goes ....
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Thats too cool .... Now we can SEE ....

you know your next step is ....

Glad you got your Pics up ....

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Very Good
We finally get to see! Yeah! and I agree go to or even and make your own website there. it's easy and they will even walk you through it.
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I like the sign barcardan ...... where do you find this stuff ? I took some new pics ...after work today I'll put them up .....
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Yeah really where do you guys keep getting these pics and signs from and I love the avatar you got there Barcurdan. Seen your pics and they look great Kitty
Thanks Missy
I love showing baby pictures
not a gram yet T/G but I love showing pics of me babies 4 legged ones that is !!!!
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just find it ..... Looking for the
perfect avatar .... I may have too
much FREE time .... But thats
all changed now ..... This past
weekend I became the " Proud Father
" of a bouncing ( 18 y/o ) baby
girl ... If nothing else i should
save some $$$$ on Doggy Day
Care ....
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Well congrats barcurdan on your baby girl now is a 18 yr old ? hey now I'm blonde ......LOL I love your avatar
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Yeah 18 .....

She could never make up
her mind where she wanted to live
..... Always wanted to be
with me till i said " NO "
then right back to her Mom's
.... Told her a few years
back dont come back till
your 18 .....

Maybe should of said 20 " LOL "

But things are working out
OK ..... ( DOG likes
her ) thinks we should
keep her ....

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Good luck ya going to need it !!! I know I have a 18 yr old daughter myself
LOL and get out your check book you going to need that too
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Yeah I agree on the checkbook, Kitty. I have 7 skin kids and 3 of the furry sort if you count the cat. Ok don't faint 5 of the kids are my stepchildren, and they range from 22 to 16. Then my 2 are 10 and 12, and yes they are all Steve's.
WOW ..... And you said he needed a JOB ....

Poor guy's probley all pooped out .....

ps: probley good timing as i
cut off a finger today .... They
hope it can stay .... wont know for
a few days if its gonna heel
or be removed ..... ( dam power tools )

Sampson is a help
but not as much as i
would like ....

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Wow barcurdan ! and I thought I had it bad with a trigger finger ! at least I didn't cut it OFF
what finger was it ? my brother has cut his thumb 3 times to the point he has no feeling in it and it don't bend ! Missy you have 7 hanging around ! geesh to many chitlins for me ! you need 2 check books girl
and Steve has been a busy busy man
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Yeah I know. He had the first 5 w/ his ex wife (don't wanna go there seeing as she was never around) so I helped raise them all and no they aren't all hanging around we are down to four in the house now THANK GOD!!!! So it's getting easier on the old checkbook
Barcurdan sorry to hear about the finger man, That's gotta suck! I know my stepson Greg cut his off in an accident when he was 11 and they were able to save them. so maybe they can yours to, here's to hope!!!
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