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Molly is my certified service animal, has been by my side the last 11 years and is the best friend I have ever had.

She touches every life she encounters in a meaningful way, bringing countless others joy, laughter, smiles, fond memories of canine loved ones of their own, inspiration and so much more.

It is because of Molly I can honestly say I know love is real and that I know what it feels like, I have truly experienced it.

Molly is genuinely and literally why I am alive today and it is for her that I choose to enter each new day, and with joy for having this beautiful girl in my life.

Molly began having trouble breathing recently and this has progressed to much wheezing and gasping, following minimal exertion. She has experienced a handful of choking episodes, looking at me with great fear in her eyes while my eyes likely returned the same great fear as I wondered if that gasp would be her last breath- I have been so scared of losing her.

Over the last two weeks Molly has seen two separate vets and one specialist for this progressive condition and all three diagnosed her with the same thing- Larangeal Paralysis. This is a fatal condition if left untreated, involving deep, tremendous suffering and inevitable ending tragically.

This condition means that Molly's larynx, responsible for letting air in and preventing choking, is paralyzed. She is currently literally incapable of getting a full breath, oxygen intake being compromised, and upon minimal exertion or excitement her airway is even more restricted, swelling while she struggles for breath.

Each of the three veterinarians have determined Molly's prognosis is excellent, should she be able to obtain the recommended surgery to correct this condition, as she is otherwise thriving, in great condition and still full of abundant energy and life.

Molly needs this surgery immediately and surgery can be scheduled as soon as Monday, which has been highly advised if at all possible.

All funds raised will go directly to the Veterinary Specialty Center of Seattle and I will, without question, demonstrate complete transparency, uploading all relevant records as requested, sharing Molly's progress and recovery with all involved throughout this time-sensitive campaign.

While Molly means so much to so many people she's connected with over the years, to me she is genuinely why I live, giving me purpose and so much happiness that I had previously been oblivious to the possibility of.
It is honestly because of Molly that I know what it feels like to be loved and that love actually exists, it's real.

Molly has saved my life on more than one occasion and I have told her many times that because of this I owe her nothing less than this precious life she has saved, infinite times over.

Putting my very best effort into saving hers, now, as she depends on me more than ever, is but one demonstration of the limitless love I have for the most beautiful spirit that I have ever known.

While I understand that one day Molly and I must necessarily part ways, I am simply unable to say goodbye to her right now.

Every single night, as Molly falls asleep in my arms I tell her, 'thank you so much for being my best friend yet one more day in this life' followed by telling her how appreciated and loved she is, providing specific examples as to why. This campaign is my request for all who can to help me in doing my best to ensure tomorrow is not the last day that I get to tell her that.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my angel. Her campaign is active on the link that follows:
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